IGA_NuEra Apr 9 @ 9:55am
Cities XL lag
So... i bought this game a long time ago and i was playing it for like 4 hours then my city started to grow and my game started to get unplayable cause of lag and low FPS
Now my PC isn't bad its not the best pc but its still okay i can play BTF 4 on Medium/High settings and Simcity, COD Ghosts on High settings. But this game KILLS my pc in so many levels.
Any like tips or something?
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rpsgc Apr 9 @ 2:22pm 
The game has a nasty memory leak.

When the game starts to lag a lot, save your city, go to the main menu and reload it.
In extreme cases you might have to completely exit the game.

That's pretty much it. The guys who bought the rights to the game are either too lazy or too greedy to actually fix it.
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lam.singsing Apr 10 @ 1:23am 
memory leak...
platinum is already better than the previous versions.
but you know, bad codes are bad.
the easy fix it to just save and quit and restart the program
SAROMON Apr 10 @ 4:48am 
Just quit the game and enter again and you will be fine. If that does not work, restart the computer and play the game.
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