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zumbo1000 Aug 26, 2014 @ 10:56am
Game crashes on clicking play from main menu- Windows 8
So the game is crashing when I click play from the main menu once it has started up. I have followed every tutorial I can find on the internet, such as verifying the game cache, deleting the 'cities xl 2012' folder from my AppData, removing all mods, making sure my operating system is up to date etc. My PC specs are:

-ASUS K55A SX376H laptop
-Intel i5 3210m, 2.5GHz
-Intel 4000 integrated graphics
-Windows 8 64-bit

The game was running fine (28 hours play time, no hiccups) until yesterday. When I opened the game, it just crashed when I clicked play from the main menu, giving me the message 'Cities XL application has stopped working'. As I've heard it's useful for a proper diagnosis, the last entry in the game log is:

[19:51:14] SCRIPT csLuaState.cpp ( 291) ErrorBuild LUA_ERRRUN : runtime error ([string "data\design\unprotectedscript\"]:3148: attempt to compare number with nil stack traceback: [string "data\design\unprotectedscript\"]:3148: in function 'ConvertToNewID' [string "data\interface\panels\planet\planet.lua"]:739: in function 'RemoveBrokenCities' [string "data\interface\panels\regionselect\regionse..."]:83: in function 'Init' [string "data\interface\panels\planet\planet.lua"]:795: in function 'OnPanelOpen' [string "DATA\INTERFACE\SCREENS\S_PLANET.LUA"]:18: in function 'OnOpen' [string "S_PLANET:OnOpen()"]:1: in main chunk)

Any help regarding how to fix this would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance!