StevieWonder Aug 10 @ 12:22pm
Fix or remove this game!!!
You know.. All you people trying to help are just giving old ideas to us that have already been tried and dont work. There is no problem with our windows 7 and its this piece of crap game thats the problem. You can not honestly believe that we ALL have issues with our OS and thats why we cant run this worthless crap game. I have tried everything to get this game to run on win 7 and even had Techies from steam/microsoft/devolpers of the game and techie friends take control on my system remotely to try and figure it out. NONE FIGURED IT OUT. They all say "I dont know why it dont work, everything looks right!?!?!?" Not to mention I had just reformatted a new drive I had to buy because my old one died and reinstalled everything back on my computer. Thats over 80 PC games ranging from old dos games to new releases. ALL WORK PERFECTLY except this crappy cities XL. After several weeks and help that ended up being no help at all, everyone has given up. I have had people tell me its my OS, my video card, my sound card, my Virus scanner, The fact I have a multi core system, I dont have admin over my OS, Not enough memory, All bullcrap. This is simply the classic excuse that its your fault/problem and not ours. Im sure im not the only person who knows how to work on their own computer that is having a problem. I can tell you now its the game and not my system. Fix the damn game you slacking no tallent developers. How big of a crap company do you have to be to release a game full of bugs and glitches and never fix them after they have been out already for years? Never again will I buy anything from this mentally challenged company staffed by ignorant turds and i suggest no one else buys from them either.

*A note to steam: It does not look good for steam to sell games that have problems and then blame the customer for the problem. Steam needs to remove this game from their list until its fixed or start refunding the people it dont work for if that is what the customer wants. You are going to lose many sales here on steam if this continues. Very bad customer service. When the users system meets the requirements and the game fails to run its the publishers fault. Not the consumer. All files needed to run the game should come with the game and the game should detect whats missing and fix/update them.
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beez-one Aug 11 @ 10:25am 
Win 7 32 bit user here, no problems just not enough memory after a while. And this is from my side.
StevieWonder Aug 11 @ 10:55am 
Win 7 home premium 64bit and this game fails to run. Im not alone here, there are tons of people with the same problem as me. No one has a clue how to fix it and just repeats the same old useless info. Its not our computers, its this crappy made game. It works on my laptop thats old and running windows vista but i play games on my gaming computer running win7 and not my ancient slow laptop.
Last edited by StevieWonder; Aug 11 @ 10:56am
Andiders Aug 11 @ 3:05pm 
I got Windows 7 Ultimate 64Bit, high end system. No problems whatsoever.
Only issue I had was the game crashing when people messaged me on Skype. But usually I'm never logged in on Skype when playing games like Cities XL.

The issue from my searching people seem too have is that the computer for some reason don't wanna open the game as administrator, and that seem too cause an issue. But it doesn't seem too happen too everyone.
Sanzalo_88 Aug 12 @ 5:14am 
es muy chulo
Da Mighty Faggot! Aug 12 @ 8:39am 
The game developers are out of bussiness, dont expect any patches/updates.
HunWolf Aug 12 @ 10:02am 
F*ck this, while I play this game, I just get headaches ! I cant even play it and this game's features look amazing !
Frost Aug 12 @ 7:05pm 
yeah i cant play it either with windows 7 64 bit
Lowell EGC Aug 12 @ 8:50pm 
Steam policy is they never return money for software.
You must have an issue with your PC...the game runs great. Check your graphics card and drivers, then make sure you have enough system ram...myself I have 24gigs of 2000 speed ram.
The "game" is not the issue is your 'puter.
StevieWonder Aug 12 @ 9:36pm 
What we need is for some programming genius to go through this game and fix all the rookie mistakes they made to it when they created it. To Lowell EGC, I have been playing on computers since the TRS-80 back in 1982. I can assure you my drivers are up to date and my system is easily far more than this puny game can tax. I have over 80 games on this gaming computer that range from old dos games to newer releases such as watch dogs and wolfenstein new order. I play them at full res and all play smooth and perfect. This is the only game that causes me problems. Some say its admin rights.. so i discovered something odd about windows 7. There appears to be a secret admin account hidden in windows 7. Im not going to say how to get to again here as its in a few posts down from this thread and you can view it there. Anyhow, I got into this admin account and reinstalled cities xl back on steam and tried to run it again. Same exact error. I have tried compatibility mode and none work. I have even tried to get my key out of the keystore files to try and see if I could install a non steam version and use the key but the keystore file did not even contain the key. All the tricks i know I have tried and nothing gets this game working.
Lowell EGC Aug 14 @ 8:41pm 
Steam will Never return monies on game's buyer be-ware. I am modding the game, just bought it, it runs fine. There are thousands of people world wide playing this thing. Don't know what to tell you.
Lowell EGC Aug 14 @ 8:49pm 
One thought...when I purchased FlashBack's new update to the game, the Steam version I had would crash right at the game load...I had to go into the game's setting.ini and change my resolution to my desktop would crash right-off and never start. So I had to manually change that setting. I also bought the same game through UbiSoft, that version ran properly right from the start. may need to make that res change yourself for it to startup...that is if it crashes right off, then that is what is the trouble, the game cannot see your graphics settings and match that properly...just go in that games ini files and change it yourself in that case...I bet the game will starts right up.
SplinterV Aug 15 @ 8:10am 
Windows 7 64 bit, no problem after 9 hours, not one single crash or even stutter.
Iraski Aug 16 @ 1:27am 
Another Windows 7 64 bit user that the game runs just fine for.

Complaining on the forums is unlikely to do you any good. Have you actually tried getting a refund yet? If there really is more than a vocal minority with game breaking problems and the developer truly isn't doing anything to address them they might take the store page down. They did this for Dawn of Discovery for a couple of years because Ubisoft didn't provide a Steam version of the last update for the game.
MaNiaCSPeC Aug 16 @ 10:17am 
You can debate all you want. Author of the thread, I and thousands more owners of this a wonderful game, cannot make it work.
The game is good, I just have not yet been able to run the Platinum version, and the developers on the forum continue to be surprised or just ignore, instead in order to solve the problem.
The game is released and sold several times with light modifications without any support, and without any possibility to run it. As you want, just the next game from Focus Home Interactive I'll buy in torrent edition version.
neededlotus5 Aug 18 @ 1:18am 
im using windows 7- 64 bit and it works fine for me...
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