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Tips generales para nuevos y no tan nuevos
by Shindragan
Una compilacion de conocimientos que todo jugador de RO debe de saber sobre la interfaz, donde conseguir monturas, como ponerse titulos, los sistemas para compartir tesoro en un grupo, como combinar cartas y otros tips....
General tips and things you might not know
by Shindragan
A lot of useful information for begginers about game mechanics and concepts like where to get mounts, key shortcuts, special tricky quests, how to equip titles, dissasemble equipment, auction house, etc.....
Possible Fixes To Your Problems (Warp Portal, PhysX, Kafra Cash, Lag, etc)
by CoffeeCone
Here are some fixes that I've seen posted / re-posted over and over and over again in the forums. See if these fix your problems. If you have suggestions, feel free to comment below. To quickly link to this guide, you can use:
RO2 Crafting Guide with Gathering Maps
by Noctia
Crafting guide for Ragnarok Online 2: Legend of the Second with maps of spawn points for herbs & rocks, and maps with locations of convenient monsters to skin for Artisan materials....
Launch RO2 in Steam bypassing Create Account for existing Users.
by Zeak Starwind
For those who are having issues with the release of Ragnarok Online 2 who have already created an account, you can bypass by following these instructions. Go to your Computer Enter your (C:) Drive Go to your Program Files (x86) *for 64-bit users, 32-...
Thief Guide [Sin or Rogue]
by 앞 Barra do Rei Preto 앞
In the Ragnarok 2 there are several classes, one of which is the thief. Thief is one class that can handle poisons, disguises, and murder. Lear here how to build yours!...
Entrar con tu cuenta ya creada, Solucion a WPlauncher.exe
by Chatumalito
Guia para que no te muestre el cuadro de registrarte al entrar al ragnarok 2, y activar la comunidad de steam mientras juegas Paso 1: Cerrar steam Paso 2: Eliminar "WPLauncher.exe" desde "Disco Local C:/Archivos de programas/Steam/steamapps/common...
Как получить Пеко-Пеко?
by fatbats
Как можно приобрести средство передвижения? Где? За сколько? На каком уровне?...
Guia de Union (Misiones L50)
by Shindragan
Una guia que describe que son las uniones y una liga de referencia a una pagina donde viene los ingredientes para manufacturar equipo epico usando ingredientes obtenidos completando misiones de union....
Swordman - Knight guide / build
by HackOoNa
Описание умений, мой stats/skils билд...