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Leng Spider Aug 7, 2013 @ 8:10pm
Monster Summon System
So here is a bit of an explaination of the new monster summoning / pet collecting system in RO2.¶

Hit "[" to view the summons list. These mobs will drop DNA fragments and Protein. The fragments work like an OBB/PB where you open them and they register as 1 of 4 possible dna fragment types. Once you open at least one of each of the four fragment types, you can use a protein to create a dna strain. If you use the DNA strain, you will unlock the summon or increase the summon's experience level. At lvl 1, this seemed to be 3% per dna strand used. ¶

The fragments drop at around a 4% drop rate. For comparison, when hunting Wildrose, I found 14 cards in the time it took to get three DNA strains, which took 36 fragments. The protein drop rate seems to be higher than 1/4 of the DNA fragment drop rate.¶

What this means is that to get one pet to lvl 2, it will take 35 DNA strains, which will take a minimum of 130 fragments. Assuming a 4% drop rate, this puts the required kills at 3,250 mobs. ¶

To simply unlock a summon will take it seems on average 6-10 DNA fragments to get one of each type, with a min of course of 4 and a potential to require many more. Assuming 7 DNA fragments per mob, that's about 175 kills to unlock any pet.¶

I counted 179 mobs, and apparently you need to unlock 108 of them to raise your max pet level to 3, and all of them to raise your max pet level to 4.¶

The cape event requires a level 4 pet. This would require somewhere around 34,400 mob kills, including 175+ kills on each boss. More likely, guild cooperation and the auction house will feed the players that ultimately acheive this goal. ¶

Apparently, leveling up a summon reduces the cooldown to as low as 45 seconds? Not sure on that one.¶

Eremes Guile and Willow Worker seem to be very high value pets as Eremes stuns (apparently even bosses) and Willow applies Recovery (heal over time.) ¶

If anyone can link me to SEA RO resources on pets it'll save me a google search.¶

for the curious: Sohee applies Addiction which seems to do 60-80 damage per second. Her posion stacks with a rogue's poison buff, and at 26 Str w/ mostly rhd gear, my envenom at lvl 1 (10%) is doing 122 damage every 2 seconds. So the Sohee pet is applying a dot for about 5% of my current damage. Not sure if that scales or is a fixed damage number, but I saw it register variably from a low of 64 to a high of 77. She applied the debuff automatically to each target, debuffing multiple targets simultaneously, and sought out the closest enemy when no enemies were present.¶

Thank you and good night!
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Pookums Aug 7, 2013 @ 8:40pm 
thank you for this i didnt realize the summons had status effects like that, also when farming for example "wildrose" you can get the DNA for the original from its variations such as "violent wildrose" and "quick wildrose" for those who didn't know.
CodWaffles Aug 7, 2013 @ 8:57pm 
DNA fragment drop rates may vary from mob to mob. I farmed Scratch Thiefs or an hour, which roughly came out to be around 500 STs. I obtained 10 Ts, 10 Gs, 1 A and 2 Cs which is a %21 drop rate.

I also believe that some fragments are rarer than others depending on the Mob. As you can see above; As' for Scratch Thiefs are a pain to get whereas Vador's A fragment seems common.
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dragn951753 Aug 8, 2013 @ 7:24am 
Scratch thief was easy for me to farm, i got 3 DNA fragments before getting 1 card. I ended up with 5 DNA and 1 card before getting off. The DNA fragments seem like they will be likely to drop, but I didn't put any measure to it.
Leng Spider Aug 8, 2013 @ 2:42pm 
OK, I saw another thread that had way better info than I gathered on my own. I can't find it again or I'd link it.

Cooldown reduces 10 seconds every 10 pets(? - I think this means 10% of the achievement bar, not qty of pets) you collect. The minimum cooldown is 30 secs, meaning with guardian it could be possible to have 2 pets summoned simultaneously for a brief time.

It takes 33 DNA to go from lvl 1 pet to lvl 2 pet. (+1 to unlock)
100 to go from 2 to 3
200 to go from 3 to 4
334 total DNA fragments

The drop rate does seem higher than 4%, but there is a general consensus that one dna type is rarer than the rest for each pet. If it were even distribution, you might expect it to balance out over a large number of DNA fragments, but it seems the rarer one drops about 1/2 to 1/4 (guessing) as often as it would with equal rarity.

Even if a mob dropped a DNA fragment at 20% drop rate, that would suggest only 6.25%-12.5% "drop rate" for the rarer fragment.

Leveling up a mob does increase it's damage significantly.

Also a website: http://ragnarok.wikia.com/wiki/Monster_Summoning_System

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Leng Spider Aug 10, 2013 @ 4:58am 
Can anyone share an interesting pet desription, or confirm a partially described pet?

Desert Goblin: Lvl 1 = +2% Crit For Party, 10 sec, recasts

Invader goblins in the desert drop Goblin DNA, not Desert Goblin DNA.

Feartus -4% Strength

Mandragora - Debuff misnamed "Rapidifciation" (description says "Lipidification" which is the correct word) - -50% speed, -0.01% Defense, Atk, and Mag Atk.

Now wth is the point of -0.01 debuff?
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