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oZanbee Oct 21, 2013 @ 10:30am
Patch Notes 10/23
Patch Notes
*subject to change at anytime

1. Kafra Update

A. Phantom Pyramid
-7F “Homemade Ice Cream Bar” will be changed to AdvanSeed Vadonbebe
-3F “Fashion Hat Random Box” will be changed to Fashion Hairband Random Box

B. Munil Exchange
-Lollipop will be changed to “Pacifier”

C. Set Effect Changes

-Set Effect Ends
i. Big Dinner of Cat Set
ii. Fox and Wolf Set
iii. Back to School Set

-Set Effect Continues
i. Pirate Dreams (until Nov 13)
ii. Real Musician's World (until Nov 13)
iii, Descendents of Wilderness (until Nov 27)
iv. Legendary Wonderland (until Nov 27)
v. Temptation of Junk Food (until Nov 27)

-New Set Effects
i. Friend of Newborn Bebe- AdvonSeed Vadonbebe and Pacifier (until Dec 18)

2. Events

A. End Event
-Pirate's Week Event
i. Quest monsters and NPCs will be removed
ii. Exisiting quests can be dropped by players

B. New Event
i. Refinement Event
-Karnium Refine Success Rate increases by 50%
-“+2” Bradium Refine Success rate increase by 50%
-“+3” Bradium Refine Success rate increase by 50%
- “-1” Bradium Refine rate lowered from 10% to 5%

3. System Improvement
A. Noel voice has been updated
B. Pets will be removed from Colosseum.
C. Pets will no longer be able use stuns, CC, and certain status effects on bosses.

4. New Halloween Loading Screens

5. Bug Fixes
-Hourly reward times fixed
-"@1" text error messages after extending items fixed
- Fix for certain exploits

*Patch notes are not complete
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Basser Oct 22, 2013 @ 7:23pm 
At least now people will stop whinning at how "impossible" it is to do anything without pets in the game. Although I don't even play anymore.
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Xian Nov 3, 2013 @ 9:09am 
Patch crashes all the time -.-
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