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Deathmatch With Bots (on hundreds of maps)
by Johnny Law
If you're in the mood for some deathmatch but can't find a good online game, Quake still has you covered. Grab a "bots" mod and get simulated opponents to frag and be fragged by. Work off your stress with AI punching bags and explore hundreds of maps....
Ultimate Quake Patch
by Doc
This patch utilizes the DarkPlaces engine developed by LordHavoc, the plasmagun fix by OoPpEe, the music patch originally hosted on and the NSIS install system developed by Nullsoft....
Quake Soundtrack Solutions
by Johnny Law
The Quake soundtrack makes singleplayer better! Here's the collected wisdom of how to deal with the fact that Steam doesn't mail you a physical Quake CD....
Quake Owner's Manual
by Johnny Law
All the fundamentals of configuring Quake. Includes specific setups for widescreen support, mouselook, and more....
Quake Engines, Old and New
by Johnny Law
A rough guide to the varieties of Quake. This is not a step-by-step recipe, but rather some info to help you decide what you want to do....
How to enable the free mouse look mode in Quake 1?
by TheBombOCat
A guide on how to enable mouse look in Quake 1....
Custom Singleplayer Levels
by negke
Finished the game and still crave for more? No problem. There is a plethora of user-made levels and mods you can try and occupy yourself with for months. This guide focuses on standard singleplayer levels with the same run-and-gun gameplay as the original...
How to fix CD audio looping on Windows Vista/7
by Dragonsbrethren
Windows Vista made changes to MCI which prevents the vanilla Quake executables from looping CD music properly. This guide walks you through patching your copy of Quake to play external music files using DirectX instead....
Quake Epsilon 2.52 para Steam (Expansiones incluidas) + Steam Overlay
by Raskaipika
Esta guía permite instalar Quake Epsilon en Steam para: Quake Quake Mission Pack 1: Scourge of Armagon Quake Mission Pack 2: Dissolution of Eternity Quake Mission Pack 3: Abyss of Pandemonium (No oficial pero comercializado...
EZQuake Basic Setup for my Noob Buddies
by Jinoru
I made the guide because I want to play the greatest FPS ever with my buddies but they lack the technical know how that configuring the game requires. Any Feedback from Schlorgan, Ashndice, and whoever else doesn't understand would be great. ...
Поиграем в квейк? (руководство для тех ,кто бы очень хотел поиграть)
by Ruby Savarin
Квейк, одна из лучших игр , когда-либо созданных на этой грешной земле…я прошел Кваку около 10-12 раз от начала до конца вместе с дополнениями ...
X-Men: The Ravages of Apocalypse
by ViperX
X-Men: The Ravages of Apocalypse is a total conversion for Quake released in 1997. It is a first person shooter based in the Marvel Xmen Universe and officially endorsed by Marvel. The creator has since made the conversion freely available....
Как активировать свободный обзор мышкой и прицел в GLQuake 1
by shikuasssou
Данное мини-руководство поможет тем, кто не знает, как включить свободное вращение оружия в игре вместе с прицелом на OpenGL версии....
by Johnny Law
Quake being cantankerous? Refusing to run? Show it who's boss!...
Updating QUAKE
by General Vandarius/KainiaKaria
Updates Are: Mouse Look Option In AUTOEXEC.CFG & 3DFX OpenGL Mini Port Driver and The Ability To Enable and Disable 3DFX OpenGL Mini Port Driver & New Version of GLQuake [GLQuake V0.97] These are the binaries for WINQuake V2.8.9, GLQuake V0.95, GLQuake...
easter eggs collection quake
by AnthoChainSaw
Grappling Hook mod for Quake 1 singleplayer
by patton
Simple guide on how to install and use the Grappling hook mod in Quake 1...
Crashing Got You Down? Inconceivably Basic Guide
by JuCstin | Kamikaze
This Guide was designed to help new users to Quake to effectively remove errors and/or install the Epsilon mod....
My Favorite Quake Type Games
by 1vac
My top 3+ Quake Style games so yeah....
Quakeworld basics!
by Blaine_
Quakeworld is Internet Play Mode of Quake 1 Gett The NEW Quakeworld Client here!
How To Use DarkPlaces In The Steam Version Of Quake
by DarkStarAngelo
This is a quick guide on how to set up DarkPlaces with Steam, as people found WinQuake and GLQuake to be extremely annoying or just flat out don't work - DarkPlaces works very well and is meant for modern operating systems - it's very simple and I'll show...
How To Look Up And Down In Quake
by Shiny Metal Ass
INTRO If you have played Quake enough, you probably already know you can only see left and right by default and you can only see up and down unless if you press button you bound in the options of the game. Some people are perfectly fine with this, but s...
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