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Hi. I wonder what was happening to Carmack's head when developing this game. The desing is awesome... but: what do you think about the dark medieval fantasy design with INDUSTRIAL music? And... would it be cool nowadays in a possible Quake V?

I think that some stuff could fit just in particular situations. This game is epic, but in other games, a dark medieval atmosphere with modern guns and industrial music, would be a flop.

It's fascinating to think about this stuff.

Also, in design terms, what's the real difference between quake and doom? The last doom and quake chapters were kinda the same.

Also, I... I feel like the real ''atmosphere'' is missing in this game, btw. Maybe because of all these non-sensed elements, or for the missing soundtrack. I don't know.

I would really love to talk to another Quake fan, but that KNOWS these stuff.

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Rakun Mar 3, 2014 @ 8:46pm 
Yeah, the soundtrack and the design were always awesome to me too. I've played Quake series since I was a kid, since Quake 1. I liked the first three, while I haven't finished Quake IV yet, despite having it on steam now.

But yeah, the dark medieval sci-fi design was pretty cool.
Quake was originally meant to be a fantasy RPG, thus all the medieval architecture.
So they just wanted to make an fps keeping the rpg tipycal design?

Phoobie🎃 Apr 16, 2014 @ 8:42am 
Quake was going to be many things. But due to time constraints, disagreements with the team and managers, this game resulted in what you see as it is now. Little did you know, this was the game that dissolved the legendary team that was id Software. Quake isn't the best fps game, but at least it does somethings to keep it fresh. Can't stand looking at the textures without proper lighting though.. It certainly wasn't the last time John Romero was going to spout a bunch of buzzwords. He did the same thing in his own product Dai-Katana.
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I beated it yesterday by the way.
I reviewed it in my language (italian... maybe if you're interested give it a look and use google translate) and I'm playing scourge of armagon at the moment.
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