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even_odder 2013年9月18日 12時10分
For those who have actually finished the game - how long did it take you?
So I've put in the requisite 2-hours ish to figure out the basics of planting and growing, and grasp some of the basic starting objectives of collecting keys and hearts in the negative world . I've build bridges to three floating islands in the hub world. I've stumbled upon a couple of three-key locks so far, but haven't yet succeeded in actually opening one yet.

This game is trying my patience a bit at the moment. I find the mechanics interesting, but I find the lack of reliable information concerning its scale daunting. So, some basic questions: How many hours have people put into this game? Does the end only arrive after you've successfully opened 3-key locks on all eleven (?) islands and beat the challenges beyond? How much of the playthrough boils down to sitting around and watching pink blocks grow as you farm them ... very ... slowly?

I'm skeptical of my chances of actually enjoying this game at the moment, but assurance that it will take me under 40 hours would do much to steel my resolve. Thanks!
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Shadowxaf 2013年9月18日 15時38分 
If you use good strategy, each of the ten island+challenge combos can be completed in about 15 minutes. So with a few deaths, maybe 3-4 hours for the ten levels, plus however long it takes to build and travel to the different hubs.

When you've figured out a good strategy, you should have a more than 75% success rate at beating any level. (3-key + challenge)

I wouldn't mind a fast-forward button though... and a map.

(my first attempt took me a long time, but part of the reason was because I didn't know that destroying pink blocks gave you seeds until I looked it up after hours of frustration)
even_odder 2013年9月19日 7時58分 
Thanks. I understand the design philosophy behind the lack of tutorials, but the lack of maps (how many islands are there?) plus the randomized placement of the star & door blocks in each level (even if I succeed at opening one door, will the tactics I used actually help me with the next one?) made me very uneasy about how large the game actually was, and how predictably I would be able to make steady progress. Good to have some solid figures. Based on this, I'll definitely give this game more of my time.
Biber 2013年10月17日 13時30分 
The game took me about 21 hours. Your first lock will definitely be the hardest. I can second the ~75% success rate (after you learned most of the tricks) . Good luck!
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ec.qwertyui 2013年12月3日 4時12分 
28 hours, though i spent a lot of time building a hub where the only blocks were blue jump blocks :)
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offal 2013年12月24日 22時14分 
ec.qwertyui that's awesome, you should post some screenshots of your hub, would love to see it
kebapmanager 1月4日 4時35分 
All if you who think they finished 100% of the game , have you uncloked the full poem? and have you finished all 3key door rooms? lol .... keep playing guys
Biber 1月5日 5時27分 
What do you mean by "uncloked the full poem"? I have finished all 3key door rooms and discovered the secret of the lie. But I'm not totally sure that there isn't more to discover because there is a song on the Starseed Pilgrim EP that I can't remember hearing in the game. It's named "Starseed hidden" so there might be some more stuff to uncover for me:
even_odder 1月5日 19時31分 
Hmm. Well, folks, thanks for putting into doubt my confidence that this game is doable.... I hadn't gotten back to it yet, and now I'm feeling uncertain again as to whether I ever will. Just too many things also waiting around in my Steam library for me to get to a game that no one can actually agree there's an ending to ... (and of course the winter sale didn't help with that)
Shadowxaf 1月6日 2時10分 
You beat 10 levels, you get the ending. Nothing complicated about that.
Shade the Feline 3月3日 0時15分 
It took me 10 hours. I found it pretty satisfying. Just hang in there. You can do it! :3
Vater der Runen 3月14日 18時16分 
25 hours, with 5 hours alone for that damned orange level. ^^
And yes, there is a "real" ending which you won't be able to go beyond!
Stitch 3月15日 1時33分 
Wait, to finish the sky island I have to collect three keys and open that three keys door? Because so far I just grabbed as much seeds as I could, get one key and open the door away. After this I always travel to another island.
Vater der Runen 3月16日 14時30分 
@Stitch: Yes, I would summarize it like this:
Stage 1 of the game is: Grabbing one key and as many seeds as possible, then going back to the one-key exit and using the seeds to travel to other islands, until all islands have been explored.
Stage 2 of the game is: Grabbing three keys and as many seeds as possible, entering one of the three-key exits and accomplishing the challenge level (which is different for each island).
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