Starseed Pilgrim

Starseed Pilgrim

TriggerNipples Apr 25, 2013 @ 7:22pm
I'm a terrible farmer. Give me the basics of growing.
Okay so Hearts grow and they also provide more seeds. The yellow up arrow, you hope, grows up, but sometimes sideways. There's the good green and then there is the green thats like muddy grass which sucks to jump on. Purple is like another tetris piece, blue helps you jump. The red can be helpful if the darkness grabs it, I think, but will initiate the negative space and searching for a key. Does this sound correct? What are some basic tips?
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Monukai Apr 30, 2013 @ 8:57pm 
Hmm, i'm not positive on any of this but this is what I've found

Pink - Always grows up, gives you seed when you destroy it (as you said), fast decay rate

Red - Always grows up. you can detonate it yourself by trying to destroy it or by planting something else on it (if you're wearing the suit that doesn't let you destroy things--also I think whatever you plant on it has to be something that grows up but don't quote me on that), and also like you said the darkness will cause it to detonate, and also like you said it will negate any keys or the other object thingy if they are within the blast radius. fairly fast decay rate

Muddy Green - Seems to grow like hanging ivy, it will grow outward (very first tile ONLY grows up though) on flat services (and slower), but grows faster when growing downard, ends in a little + shape which makes it nice for quickly moving down and to the sides. seems to decay somewhat slowly

Light Green - Random direction, usually grows first to the side (the very first growth after you plant it) if it's able to, but can grow up and down if there are already blocks on each side of it. also gives you extra seeds. average decay rate.

Purple - usually forms a rectangular shape that grows up and outwards (always grows up at first though), I believe this one has the slowest decay rate which makes it a very nice one to continue your growing from as well as a nice surface to grow pink squares on since it'll buy you time to grow them up.

Yellow - Grows up IF the tile you plant it on has squares to BOTH sides of it, if this is not the case it will grow to the sides instead (it always follows these rules, so you can quickly grow a path out to one side if you know how to use it, or to grow your structure upwards if you destroy some squares to make a surface adequate for upward growth...if that makes sense), somewhat fast decay rate.

Light blue - Converts the tile it's planted on as well as any adjacent (not including catty corner) tiles to light blue. also it will grow new tiles in any empty adjacent tiles (adjacent to the seed's tile, that is). decay mechanic seems different on this one (or I could just think that because of the suit I've been using), it spreads through them at an average rate but they themselves don't fully go black right away? could use some help on this one tbh

Blue - always grows up, and like you said, adds an extra 1-2 tiles (not positive which) to your jump, nice for using next to multiple pink growths so it lets you farm more than one at the same time (makes it easier, anyways), also it can't be used on mud green tiles or it will turn green and become ineffective. I'm not sure what it's decay rate is, and it honestly doesn't matter too much since you only ever have one blue tile per blue seed.

I mentioned decay rates, this is all from memory but I think the order goes somewhat like this (slowest decay to fastest): Purple -> Mud Green -> Light Green / Light Blue -> Yellow / Red -> Pink.
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mark.crummett May 15, 2013 @ 6:12am 
all correct i'd say. Light blue partiallu goes black but never fully. meaning you can use it as islands to jump between.

Areas where you've deleted blocks instantly partially go black when it reaches them but i dont think this makes much difference to the the overal.
WillBlue Jun 12, 2013 @ 3:09pm 
I'm going to have to agree with these replies but I think I can give you the answer your looking for. So there are three worlds your hub world which is where you have to build the bridge to get to the next area. Then the challenge world I like to call it. In the challenge world you will be on an island and at the bottom of the island you will see a starseed and you have to try to build a bridge to another starseed before the first one absorbs you. Okay once you get to your second starseed you jump in it and you enter the negative world were the second starseed becomes a key and the first one becomes a lock and then you have to collect seeds and try to get the key to the lock and this will let you go back to the hub world with all the seed you have collected. Then from there you can use the seeds you have to build a bridge to the next island.
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TriggerNipples Jun 14, 2013 @ 8:55pm 
I have gotten pretty far in terms of finding new islands or (hub worlds). Is there another point? Is there a final island or something you're really supposed to find?
eyes Jun 26, 2013 @ 6:12pm 
(try getting triple stars)
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