Starseed Pilgrim

Starseed Pilgrim

ec.qwertyui Dec 3, 2013 @ 4:06am
after the end
this thread is about stuff you can do after the game is over
this whole thing is spolerrific
you've been warned

After beating all the three-star door challenges, you get an extra portal on "away from this truth we forgot" island. Entering it puts you on a screen very similar to credits, where you jump all the way up into the darkness. Doing so apparently erases your save file, but you are then treated to the final sequence in which you get to jump around everything you built in the hub while darkness eats it all up.

There are some interesting quirks in that final sequence, though.

1) Gray blocks are not consumed by darkness, but rather are destroyed by it. After they are destroyed, there may be some text behind them. There is at the very least some text behind the "away from the truth" island (several variations on "ignorance is bliss" theme). Is there any other hidden text behind the gray blocks on the map?

2) Light-blue blocks (aka "cyan", aka "ice") are not consumed. So in theory it might be possible to make a hub that is completely invulnerable to darkness.

3) Darkness seems to follow the same spreading rules as normal darkness, with one exception - when it is left with no more blocks to spread to, it jumps to a nearby block. How far is the jump range? Is it possible to make the darkness spread "nowhere"?

I just finished the game myself and want to take a little bit of a break for it. But if anyone investigates these things, i'd appreciate if you posted in this thread :)
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