Starseed Pilgrim

Starseed Pilgrim

Mindworm Jim Nov 17, 2013 @ 11:41pm
The sky was in my dreams today
The clouds, they took my breath away
I, obsessed, would never see:
My blue-eyed sky, it dreamt of me

Doubtless, I pursued the sky
And had no heed to wonder why
I climbed the clouds cheered on by crowds
Of blue sky dreams with bursting seams

The lives in my heart, the cracks in our sky,
And those not yet dead but yet doomed to die:
I stood up to quiet the fates I'd deny;
I thought of an angel and knew I would fly

With arms outstretched and skyward bound
I'd reached the clouds and lost the ground;
I reached for stars and they reached back;
I reached too far and tasted black.

I fell into dusk my dreams were dust
By birds and sky, abandoned
We were dust our dreams turned to dusk
And birds and sky abandoned us

As we knew they must.

Mired low in silence slowing,
Shut my eyes to darkness growing
Heroes fight, deny they're dying;
Cowards don't look back

Hopeless, I ignored it - silently, abhorred it
A silence lent us time to think.

In times of need we came apart
To one of us I'd lend our heart
We shattered the sky but never again.
To save its blue I'd write our end

Starseed Pilgrim, I broke our heart
To keep the sky from coming apart
Gain from loss one does not measure
But broken hearts yield starseed treasure
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