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Scum Strats
by MustasheU
this guide will teach you how to deal with cheap stratgeys....
General Tower Guide/Strategy
by Leumash
A guide for basic and advanced strategies in Cannon brawl. This guide was written by Leumash and improved upon by ChessCitten who at the time of writing this was amongst the top 5 players in the world....
A Slightly Different Approach
by DragonBladeDLB
While Cannon Brawl is a relativity new game, I have had enormous amounts of fun with it so far. This guide outlines my personal favorite strategy....
Level 16 A New Weapon Tutorial, Now With Nukes
by Sarcanis lupus
Taking into consideration my recent struggle with level 16, "A New Weapon" of the Cannon Brawl campaign, I decided to make a guide with a few pointers and tips to help those out who shared my pain in the effort....
Multiplayer map tutorial videos
by ChessCitten
This guide consist of a video for each of the multiplayer maps in which i describe important features for them as well as one build for each of them....
The Complete guide to all things Cannon Brawl.
by Harold
This guide will contain all available information on pilots and buildings aswell as having walktrough's for the singleplayer and multiplayer tactics and strategies. At this moment a work in progress, please point out any mistakes ive made, or additions...