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2.0 upgrade way, way overpriced
Nevigo's pricing needs review; all reviews and opnions ive readed about articy before buying were giving alternatives because not even the reviewers were willing to pay that amount.

But alright, 'lets do it' i tought; Support interesting ideas and softwares... all nice and cool....

Problem 1: steam only had the older version of the software. Wth? "Oh, they said they're working on bringing the updated version to steam, thats nice!'- so there i did all my acrobatic budget skills (indie here, part time job that barely covers my colegue expences) and bought it.

Them upgrade to v2 comes in and...


Thats a joke right guys? Right? Some steam mistake i guess...

Lets put it simply:

-Its not wrong at all to charge for a new version; But compare the percentage of an upgrade pack for (lets say) Adobe's Photoshop with the one for Articy draft; Rouglhy the same, except... NEW VERSIONS OF PS HAVE ENOUGHT NEW FEATURES TO DO THAT. And thats not only PS, i mean, thats the common all over the place.

-For that gain it shouldn't even be called V2; Feels almost like it skiped 1 or 2 common updates and the older version was tackled with a lower price but wihout new updates.

-Alright, lets go on with 'v2' (who knows, maybe a batch of features weren't explained)... how does a upgrade price can equal buying the software again? Where do i even start at that?

Im more affected then i normally am at this kind of things, but i decided to make this topic none the less (as a bugged customer, supose im on my right to do that).

Before any criticism i might point out 2 things; For one, i have abstained from using the software more, expecting the promised upgrade to come (id rather start projects on 2 then dealing with any conversion possible bugs; my files on this sort of software get way, way big generally) so its all more bitter what im feeling right now.

Second, just to justify my reaction better, cost of life around here is worse (Brazil) and things are toughter overall for indies (on a side note, the rise and multiplication of indies make them the bigger markert for Articy Draft) much more around here where things are only starting.
Thankfully Steam knows that and conversion rates are a little better here, but different then some people believe were not buying things cheaper (if you convert straight from real to dollar it seems cheaper); The minimun value of salary here plus cost of life and taxes is close to robbery, so its really, really expensive for any single user to buy software.

Way to go Nevigo; Ive comented with few friends about the software but abstained to praise it until i got full hands(i was waiting for v2), but i simply can't do that. Instead i will have to recomend the same cheaper alternative pack of softwares (more then half are free) that does the same(and all together have more features).

I really hope this price changes (and by that i don't mean some special sale a year later). I want to like and support you guys more, have been waiting for a 'one software do all' for layouting and planning projects for ages but its being quite hard with things like that. Come on, i mean, my windows came pre packaged with office and One Note can do most of the same things...
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Trik Aug 8, 2013 @ 10:01am 
I agree, paying the same price over again for an upgrade to v2 is not only ridiculous, but there's no way I'm going to do it. I have the "meat" of the software in v1. A few more bells and whistles are never going to get me to justify spending the same amount I did on the software originally again.
Exactly. I know i sounded too bitter♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥of on the topic, but its not simply complaining; Im sure Nevigo is loosing more customers then gaining (by loosing is this case is not converting then in the first place).

Before ive bought ive readed about it in all kinds of places; From different foruns and blogs (most around indie development) i don't recall a single one saying it was a must buy, and all pointing at free or cheaper alternatives. At this price point theres no incentive for me to upgrade as well, and knowing a v3 may be rolling out around next year...

I loved Articy Draft, and it bugs me how it isn't more recognized or even more improved; Its all conected in my view: less customers, less money, slower upgrade... they have the chance to create and catter for their all 'exclusive' niche like few can; There are competition, but none so focused or multi-tasked. If i was at the head of their strategy plan i would get in touch with all sorts of indie comunities, lower the price entry, create more engaging reasons to go 'commercial'(version) and go full steam with special packages: for universities, at gamejams...

For example, im already a convert for Adobe, me and all of my course; Those who already can afford it have bought/subriscrebd to Adobe, the rest will as soon as they get a good job. All that happens because we were allowed to learn and grow with the software at our courses. Surely Adobe barely needs that nowadays because they're 'the Top' at their niche but these things helped then get there.

I would also reshape Articy's marketing; I deal in other sorts of projects and looking back AD would have made it all much better/easier to handle. From designers (service design in special) to all other sorts of projetists... AD have the potential to play on 2 fronts, for one presenting itself as an overall project 'layouter'(to distinguish it from all the project managers), always mentioning game dev on its default speech, and playing stronger on PR with the gaming comunity, events and such.


All in all i can live without the upgrade(no way i will buy it at this price); But what really damaged my impression on Nevigo is how the performance upgrade wasn't rolled in for all versions.
Seriously? I will have to deal with a not-that-optmized version for arbitrary reasons? They won't convert me to upgrade to get the performance i should have. Ive seen that the bigger things get the worse it becomes (come on, i need to put my notebook to full performance to handle it well), this caps the size of my projects a lot.
Zoocosm Aug 8, 2013 @ 1:56pm 
I sent them a direct message as well. It should be 75% off for existing customers since the software has only been on steam for less than 6 months.
Svedash Aug 9, 2013 @ 1:22am 
As much as I liked the software at first, I won't pay over 80$ for text formatting. That "v2" should have been a patch.
Claessic Aug 9, 2013 @ 3:58am 
I can only agree with people in this thread. The price for something that should've come as a free update is absolutely ridiculous. I used to love Articy, but it's "stuff" like this that makes me look for an alternative. I wonder what the next upgrade will cost us?
Mithril Aug 9, 2013 @ 8:39am 
It must be an old FAQ (regarding wacom drivers not working) on their webpage. Because I have tested it now and I can't see any problem using Wacom drivers. So I went ahead with the full commercial version, and I am quite impressed with it so far.
Last edited by Mithril; Aug 10, 2013 @ 12:56am

I do have a wacon tabtlet and drivers installed; I hadn't used it in a while so since ive bought AD i hadn't fired up the tablet at all, neither tryed using it within AD - on a side note i was thinking on doing that this next week.

I will try it out and report if it works or not
SillyCon Aug 10, 2013 @ 7:03am 
I did like what I saw when I run the eval of AD SE (other than a worrying huge performance hit on slightly complex graphs) but I never got around to buying it because I have no immediate need for it... Plus v2 was coming.

But, as for v2, I must side with people on this thread: it's very little for such an expensive upgrade price. It does mention some API access which is probably interesting for fairly advanced users, but as Svendash said to most people it's just adding a rich text editor...
scardario Aug 10, 2013 @ 8:16am 
I have Wacom drivers installed on all the computers I use to run articy, and I haven't had problems so far, the only thing I note is that is very slow with complex flow setups, and as long as I understand, this happens wether you have wacom installed or not.

Apart from that, is a great software. For people not secure about purchasing this I would recommend asking for the trial key, and if you think the upgrade to 2.0 is too expensive, get the basic version, since it doesn't add extremely important functionality at the moment.
Grimwolf Aug 10, 2013 @ 10:24am 
I already thought the base purchase cost way more than was justified, but charging the same amount for not only an upgrade, but a very minor one... Are they insane?
I regret buying the base version now; they don't deserve my money.
Last edited by Grimwolf; Aug 10, 2013 @ 10:27am
Nayelianne Aug 10, 2013 @ 12:56pm 
Despite agreeing that it's a harsh price to pay (I'm from Brazil as well) there's no denying that the price here on steam is MUCH cheaper than the one on the website (that's in euros even), and still cheaper than the student version (that does not grant you updates to major versions, much like on steam). Plus, here you get a promotional discount if you're patient enough to wait for it.

Not a lot has changed from version 1 to version 2, I can attest to that. The differences I noticed were basically the ability to write fancier documents in there instead of the simple notes (and typing there is kind of chuggy, so it's not something you'll probably do anyway), the software is a little faster, and the practical addition that you can now type directly into flow fragments, making the information you're organizing more easily accessible. You can also go from flow to documents and documents to flow as far as I understand.

(Here's some screenies for the undecided:
Flow elements on 1.x[]
Flow elements on 2.x[])

It does seem little for such a steep price, HOWEVER, further 2.x updates are on their way according to the devs, so think of it as buying not merely an upgrade with "not enough stuff", but rather a season pass. You're supporting the devs for a much cheaper price than on the website and allowing them to continue the development. The devs are quite nice and ready to listen to constructive suggestions, so if you have a good idea, why not make a thread on the forums about it? ;)

Here's a link to their current roadmap[]. You can vote for the priority of those updates on that forum as well ;)
Last edited by Nayelianne; Aug 10, 2013 @ 1:04pm
scardario Aug 10, 2013 @ 1:14pm 
I hope this is a form of season pass as you're suggesting, but the roadmap you linked had a last post on October 2012, that's like 10 months ago. However, the articy staff is constantly answering questions on the forums, and there's a section in their forums where you can suggest new functionality:

Anyway, I'd like to know what kind of updates we are going to receive by purchasing version 2, since I haven'f found any solid information on their page about this (the roadmap says that features for 2.2 are to be announced)
SillyCon Aug 10, 2013 @ 1:58pm 
Not to say that there's any ill intentions in nevigo's part, but I'm always concerned with prices that "will allow you to get every release within the same version" and you don't have a track record for how often a new version comes along and what sort of stuff it normally brings.

The reason for this is that the decision to increase a version is largely a marketing decision, so you may get things like Firefox or chrome that have new versions constantly or things like Beyond Compare (diff tool) that is on the same major version for 5 or 6 years. And so far we don't know what's the cadence for AD.
Naye (posso te chamar assim? mais curto de digitar) i understand the price is cheaper here but isn't a good justification. "Season pass" or not (and they should've made that more clear on their site) they're simply loosing customers wich affects all current users (the less money rolling in, less and slower updates will come) and damaging their image in the process.

They can use that 'season pass' process, i even support the idea, but none the less they should had waited one extra update at least before tackling a number 2 to the software.

The text editor for instance: its a feature im really missing, im almost giving up using AD built-in notes because it feels so sluggish when typing; This alone ain't a feature deserving to name something a sequel, its a broken feature that needs fixing... and how it works on 2.0? Still slugish, only prettier.

Im saying all this that way because i am disapointed, but im not bashing AD; Im disapointed with Nevigo's posture, and im so♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥off because i loved the software... even more what it could/should be by now. I have been waiting for a suit like this for a long time and i was so happy when i discovered it i was short of sending a love letter, such was the urge to hug the team and thanks them... im just disapointed it isn't all that (it gets close and surely is useful) and by the looks of it won't be anytime soon if at all.

I really hope someone at Nevigo read all this and rethink their strategy, its them who im most writing to. To anyone reading this and figuring if they shold or not buy AD, BUY IT; But get version 1, its the less overpriced, skip 2.0 for now.
Nayelianne Aug 10, 2013 @ 2:10pm 
Well, looking at the roadmap thread you can see how many updates they had for version 1 at least (4 updates?) and what they added, and at least some of the things they're planning to add, though without a timespan on it. I heard the interval between major updates is somewhere around 12 to 18 months though. There's also a more detailed change log[] on the website.

Good to know the sluggishness isn't happening just on my end, by the way. I really hope they address that and put some good updates there, at least it'll be less frustrating then. :(
Last edited by Nayelianne; Aug 13, 2013 @ 11:55pm
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