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SillyCon Jul 20, 2013 @ 4:34pm
Strangely low performance in A:D SE
I've been evaluating A:D for a day now and it really is a well thought out piece of software. Having said that I am a bit worried with the performance it may have after a project reaches a normal size.

I have a fairly beefy machine (2.4Ghz i7, 8Gb, Geforce 650 with the latest drivers) that plays just about any game I throw at it but, when panning - for example - "The Therapist" Flow in the Maniac Manfred sample, the window refresh is really sluggish. I have forced the program to run using the nVidia instead of the Intel 4000 but it makes very little difference.

Is anyone else getting this?

Side question: is it possible to find where Template Features or Property Definitions are being used? Couldn't find that...
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Hi SillyCon,

If you want, you can turn this into an official support case, and we at Nevigo will be happy to help you diagnose the cause of your performance issues. Just email us at and if you know where to find our log files, please attach the most recent one. (If not, we'll help you find it.)

Regarding your second question: The templates/features themselves currently don't reveal a list of objects using them. Yet, you can use search and select the "Match query" option. Then, please type in the following queries:

Find objects of a certain template:
Template(anyof, TechnicalNameOfTemplate)

Find objects with a certain feature:
Feature(anyof, TechnicalNameOfFeature)

It is currently not possible to search for objects using a custom property.

Here's a help center article[] about search, please scroll down to the "Advanced search" section.

Best regards,
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