greystonefish Mar 6, 2013 @ 5:22am
Number Field, changing the Unit to a prefix as well?
Is there any way to change the unit entry in a number field to a prefix? An example would be me using it to denote a characters level, currently it would read "5 level" what I want is "level 5". I have a few other Numeric fields that would benefit from having the unit option as a prefix.
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Nevigo | Kai Rosenkranz  [developer] Mar 6, 2013 @ 5:32am 
Hi, greystonefish.

Currently, that's not possible, but it sounds like a helpful idea. I'll add a feature request to our backlog for an option that lets you select if the unit should be a prefix or suffix.

@all others: Would this be beneficial for you, too?

Thanks for your feedback.
athelasloraiel Mar 6, 2013 @ 2:21pm 
by all means!
­North Mar 6, 2013 @ 2:41pm 
Sure, though it's not nearly as high a priority as other features. I think I could typically contextually figure out what I meant with prefixes, in such situations.
greystonefish Mar 6, 2013 @ 3:04pm 
I agree, it is low priority. Just a visibility / clarity issue for me when I go back. A mental note suffices for now.
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