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athelasloraiel Mar 5, 2013 @ 11:53pm
I bought it - now what (combining demo and steam?)
I bought it and now I have demo version with demo projects on, which I want to keep (and my own little project I started). I also want to have it under steam, for ease of updates etc.

How do I combine those?
must I uninstall everything then install again from steam? Can I migrate files from my project into new version (like loading them for example lol).

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Chika Ogiue Mar 5, 2013 @ 11:59pm 
What I did was uninstall the demo using the add/remove program option in the Windows control panel (alas, I do not recall the English name as my system is not currently in English). Then downloaded the Steam version. The project I was working on was instantly available without having to do anything else.

I would assume that if you don't uninstall the demo projects that it will automatically find those too.
athelasloraiel Mar 6, 2013 @ 12:00am 
hopefuly, will try and tell, now off to work.
Nevigo | Peter Sabath  [developer] Mar 6, 2013 @ 2:36am 

yes, the SE version here on Steam and the Trial share the same projects & settings so as soon as the Steam Key is activated on our side you have full access to your projects.

You may or may not uninstall the Trial version, this does not matter.
Even if you choose to delete the profile data when uninstalling the trial all you need to do to make you already existing projects available is to choose the "Open from file" and browse to a project folder and select the ProjectInfo.aph file to open the project.
After that the projekt is listed on the project page and can be directly opened with a double click.

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