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North Mar 3, 2013 @ 6:37am
Cheaper on Steam?
Why is Articy Draft so much cheaper on Steam than it is on Nevigo's website? On Steam, the commercial edition is $200, whereas the comparable (single user) edition on Nevigo's website is € 349,00--which is much, much, much more than $200. Is there something I'm missing, here?
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There are a few reasons they are making it cheaper on steam.

Firstly they want to help support indie developers and students so they have lowered there price to help us and provided a good will based subscription model (you only pay the second part of the money when you feel you can afford it)

Secondly the steam version is v1.5 and will remain this version for a while. Meanwhile the website version is being upgraded to v2.0 in a few weeks. They have not finalised there plans for the steam version but there current thinking is that when they produce the next major update to the v2.0 (that would probably be something like v2.5) when this happens the steam version will move upto v2.0 so the steam version is always one major update behind. This way we will always get the full featured version but if we want the latest version we will have to pay the full price. Not to mention if you want the multi user version you will have to go with the website.

Finaly they all come from an indie game development background and they know how hard it can be sometimes for indie developers and students to get the software they need to make life a little quicker and easyer so they are doing what they can, while still making enough money to pay there bills (which is only fair), to help make an afordable product for those of us who are not so flush with money.

Hope that explains enough and i'm sure one of there representatives will correct me if I am wrong on any point.

If you plan on using this for studying or for your own ideas which you eventually plan on turning into a final product then it is by far worth it. If you simply want a program to write your ideas down then this may not be your product. Consider this a professional tool at a price for students, indie developers and hopefull developers.
North Mar 3, 2013 @ 11:23am 
Right. I know the usages for this program and how it's helpful, and I plan on using it for studentwork and potential indie development, depending on where my life goes from here.

Thank you for your explinations on why it's cheaper. Do you think the version difference is worth the money? That is, do you think it's worth the...erm, like, $200 to stay on the most up-to-date version?
Spomo Mar 3, 2013 @ 12:43pm 
Here's my question and potential problem...

I'm willing to buy the commerical version over the SE version right out of the gate. Is the SE version (the 99 dollar version) going to be one release behind or does that line of thinking apply to the commercial version (199 dollar version) as well?

If it applies to both then I might as well buy the 99 dollar version now and upgrade to the commerical in the future when they put 2.0 or 2.5 on Steam. If someone from Nevigo tells me that if I buy the 199 version that I will be eligible for whatever upgrades they make available to their "website" version, then they can have my money today for the commerical version.

In other words, if I buy the commerical edition off Steam, will I get 2.0 when they release it in a few weeks?

That's all I need to know. Hopefully before March 6th. (lol)

North Mar 3, 2013 @ 1:31pm 
Damn. That's also a good point, Spomo. Here's to hoping we get an official response sometime soon.

*cough.* Nevigo, we summon thee.
Originally posted by North:
Thank you for your explinations on why it's cheaper. Do you think the version difference is worth the money? That is, do you think it's worth the...erm, like, $200 to stay on the most up-to-date version?

I have no idea. at the moment the steam version is ahead of the full version but what the difference between v2 and v1.5 i have no idea. I suspect it will not really matter to indie developers and students as v1.5(steam version) is well featured enough. However when you have a company with a few people working for you and you need to produce design documents quickly and efficiently then I suspect it would be worth upgrading to the full and latest version.

Originally posted by Spomo:
In other words, if I buy the commerical edition off Steam, will I get 2.0 when they release it in a few weeks?

From what they have said so far no the commercial edition is not going to be upgraded when 2.0 is released. it will remain the same as the SE version (the idea is if you are using it and making money then you upgrade but untill you actually make money just stick with the SE version.

the reason even the CE version will be one update behind is because its still half the price, there abouts, of the full version so its understandable that it does not stay the same.

its very similar to the way office works you have a home and student version but if you intend to use it to make money then you need to pay for the extra bit.

Just for clarification they have NOT confirmed that the SE and the CE will be one major update behind but it is there current thinking on the matter so they may change there minds.

North Mar 3, 2013 @ 3:23pm 
Ahh, but since it's unlikely that I'll be using multi-user Articy--or, really, pushing Articy to its maximum potential--it makes more sense to get it on Steam, and I'm not missing much experiece considering the significantly reduced price.

Awesome! Thank you so much.
Spomo Mar 3, 2013 @ 3:44pm 
Well, then it kind of comes across like they are selling an "outdated version" of the software cheaper than the newer version at a reduced price, like buying last year's model of a car.

That's fine if that is what it is, but the developers need to pop on and let us know that such is the case in CLEAR terms. Also, it still doesn't answer any upgrade path questions. If I buy last years model of a car I can trade it in eventually for the latest model.

Can I do that with Articy?
North Mar 3, 2013 @ 3:52pm 
Spomo, it's not like that at all. Honestly, the difference between version 2.1 and 2.2 are negligible at best. If you need such a feature change a few months sooner than everyone else, then you're free to pay the 200 euros extra to get it, but the average user really doesn't need that.

The Steam Edition price is basically the same payment model that the Student Discount is. They're advertising to the same group of people; Students, Indie devs, one-person teams and just about everyone else who knows the names of everyone on their team.

We're not BEHIND a version, we just get updates a bit slower. Which, if you think about it, is worth 200 euros.

...Actually, Stave answered your question perfectly. You just changed questions. I'll answer your new one, though: Yes, you can. However, trading your car in for a new model costs money. If you want the newer model of Articy sooner, pay 200 euros. Alternatively, wait a few more months, and they'll give you a brand new, upgraded, badass mother♥♥♥♥ing car for free.

Spomo Mar 3, 2013 @ 3:56pm 
Thanks for clearing that up North. While I understand the difference between 2.1 and 2.2 may be neglible, we are at 1.5 on Steam and 2.0 is coming soon. How great are the differences between those two? Can you (or anyone else) shed any light on that?

Thanks again.

Edit: I guess the other big question is, if someone were to buy the "indie" version from Nevigo directly on their website, would they get the 1.5 version as well or the 2.0 version, assuming the negotiated price was the same?

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North Mar 3, 2013 @ 3:59pm 
I've got no idea, actually. I've been having some trouble finding any release notes on 2.0.

I'm going to go buy the program on Steam nonetheless after I type this comment, however, and here's why. I've got the demo sitting on my computer, and I love it. I love 1.5. It's fantastic. It is a beautiful piece of software and I had a "Finally!" moment when I started using it. Might 2.0 be better? Potentially. Possibly.

But I'll get 2.0 some day. Because it'll update someday. And right now, I'm absolutely fantastically satisfied with 1.5--so it doesn't really matter if I have 2.0, because 1.5 does everything I want it to do and more.

Aside from that, the faster upgrade really isn't worth 200 euros. It just isn't. Especially since, if I buy it on Steam, it's mine forever, because Steam is kinda awesome, too.

So, yeah, I see why you're concerned. To be honest, I share your concern. It's just not concerning ENOUGH to negate all of the many upsides and advantages of buying the software for $85 on Steam right now.
mrmusicallion Mar 3, 2013 @ 4:01pm

This might help shed some light on the matter.
North Mar 3, 2013 @ 4:03pm 
Oooh! That's SUPER helpful! Of course, you post it the second AFTER I purchase the thing. But still, that's an excellent resource. Thank you!
Spomo Mar 3, 2013 @ 4:03pm 

I'm starting to feel the same actually. I suppose $85 isn't the worst thing to part with for something like this. (I just upgraded my Visual Studio to 2012 and that was wayyy more than $85.00 - Heh).

I see some value in this product for myself. I just hope Nevigo doesn't forget about us Steam users who are taking a risk (albeit an $85.00 one) purchasing the product in the hopes that they will eventually allow us to upgrade to version 2.X when it releases.

Thanks for the information you provided. I hope you don't mind me bugging you with the occasional user question since you're now ahead of me on the learning curve!

Be well.

North Mar 3, 2013 @ 4:05pm 
Nah, dude, I like answering questions and clarifying things. It makes life more exciting than the monotony of...erm, well, a lack of interaction.

I doubt they'll forget about their Steam userbase. We did, after all, Greenlight their software for them. But hey, here's to hoping I'm right.
mrmusicallion Mar 3, 2013 @ 4:07pm 
Fear not.

"articy:draft SE
We're still a bit undecided on this, but we also want you to get the best possible articy:draft experience for your pricepoint. So I guess we'll end up also updating your SE version for free, but maybe stay one version behind (SE will stay 2.1 when the regular version is 2.2, and so on) or put some super-neat features into DLCs or so. Please be patient, we're working on it."
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