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Deuteronomy Mar 1, 2013 @ 10:30am
I would buy this instant if there would be a wide-range database of dummy media like avatars, locations, characters etc. which fits into the graphic setting of the whole tool.

this is because i would use that tool in a great part for instant-presenting my e.g. story or concept-work to my customers or the graphics team ... so i need decent and impressive dummy-media to illustrate my intends without spending hours of work which will be replaced in the end by the people doing the graphic-jobs AFTER the story-concept is ready built.

so this tool would be great for designing AND presenting the work and that would be why I'd spend my money in.
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▼ BruteCold ▲ Mar 10, 2013 @ 3:21pm 
what I recomend you doing is using your reference for that (pictures, sketches, characters from games or movies that are similar to yours), would be just too hard for them to have all the possilbe characters, and would be better for your team to see the reference because it make easier to understand the character/world (way better than something generic), and it gonna be closer to what you image. Im a concept artist/3d modeler, and thats what I usually see people doing in a studio.

them with time it would be replaced by the concept work ;)

the good thing about doing like this is easier for you to explain what is happening, and anyway the reference work is never lost because it will be used till the end of the workflow concept-modeling-animation-effects also it open space for discussion what is always good
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Hi Deuteronomy,

I like the idea of making demo content available to all of you, as a kick-start package for your designs. Being a technology shack, we currently don't have any game artists in-house that could create that, but maybe we'll team up with some of the artists in our network.

Did you know that there is a fast and easy way to get reference material e.g. from Google Images into articy:draft? When you are in your web browser, just drag & drop an image that you like into an asset folder in articy:draft, and it'll download the file and store it in your project. So if it's just for story pitching and you don't have to worry about copyrighted reference material, just go to Google and put images straight into your project.

Also, thanks BruteColdside for your fast assistance, also in other threads. We greatly appreciate that!

Deuteronomy Mar 15, 2013 @ 6:41am 
thx for your reply.

my comment mainly was about having a presentation feature implemented from which i can make available selected project parts to customers or e.g. the graphic teams.

Google and whatever-you-like-graphic-content sure is a good argument for not developing such demo content libraries - but copy-pasting some images together isnt the problem i think - i'm after a quick visualization-feature where graphics, schemes, relationships and table data all look homogeneous... this doesnt mean that there have to exist 63 different types of high-elves with 2-handed weapons ... just some reusable shapes or so... i really like the yellow-blue CI of your commercial-videos, so this could be an approach. imagine a fantasy set of e.g. 12 characters, all just shapes, each with 5 or so poses (portrait, whole body, combat etc.) ... same for sci-fi, medieval etc. ... some landscape-silhouettes, some flying rocks whatever... sure this is a great amount of work but would make that tool really mighty.
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Originally posted by Deuteronomy:

[...] having a presentation feature implemented from which i can make available selected project parts to customers or e.g. the graphic teams.[...]

[...] i'm after a quick visualization-feature where graphics, schemes, relationships and table data all look homogeneous... [...]

I understand that your suggestion is about two things:

  • A homogeneous and easy-to-handle visual presentation of content that can be used to communicate a story idea etc. to team members and customers.
  • A library of placeholder assets for use in such presentations (essentially like PowerPoint cliparts, but tailored to games).

Is that correct?

Regarding the requested visual presentation feature

Here's what we have at the moment or in the near-future updates:

articy:draft viewer (requires multi-user setup)
When it comes to visually communicating ideas to the graphic team, for example, that's actually a good use case for the multi-user version. Just provide your graphic teams with viewer licenses, and they can easily explore your project interactively.

The interactive presentation mode
Right-click on a story node and click "Start presentation from here" (or check out this help center article[] to get an idea of what I'm talking about. This essentially translates your story flow into an interactive PowerPoint-ish presentation. Each flow fragment / dialog / dialog line becomes a slide which can be visually enhanced with background images, and all attached reference material also shows up there. You can store interactive presentations in your project as "Journeys", so when you bring your articy:draft project to a team meeting or pitch, that's a useful tool.

The upcoming document editor
You may also want to roll out your story (including visual material) into a nicely readible document. This is where the new document view enters the stage. There's an outlook, including a screenshot, on our official forums[].

Regarding demo content

As I said in an earlier post, this is a great idea, and we're trying to establish some sort of cooperation with artists to get our hands on enough visual material to compose useful packages.

Thanks again, and all the best.
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Deuteronomy Mar 20, 2013 @ 12:56pm 
Yes, you got me right. I'll check out the multi-user-features (+ and terms and conditions about that) and the interactive presentation mode... sounds mighty.

Thx for great support!
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