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North Apr 5, 2013 @ 12:48pm
Glitches when using multiple panes.
Hey, folks.

I'm experiencing odd bugs and glitches whenever I have more than one pane open--you know, by dragging the edges of the screen to create multiple windows. I've disabled the Synchronize Panes option, so that I can dualtask info from two different places, but sometimes, when I click on an option in one pane, all of the other panes will freeze or go blank. Sometimes, I can fix this by clicking on the Home button in a broken pane, but other times, I have to reset the layout completely.

This happens most often when one of the panes has the Flow open.

Any ideas? Thanks, all.

Oh, also! I just reached 101 hours in Articy! Woot.

EDIT: Aaaaand Articy crashed. Sent a crash log to support.
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North, contratulations for that many hours in articy:draft! I think we should add an in-app achievement system :).

Ok, let's try to narrow down possible causes for your multi-pane glitches.

  • Did this happen in the same articy:draft session where you were using the synchronization earlier, before you switched if off?
  • Was syncing disabled on all panes/tabs? (orange means on, dark turqoise means off)
  • When a pane "goes blank", does it still have a valid address in the address bar?
  • Can you post a screenshot?

Thanks, North.
North Apr 10, 2013 @ 5:52pm 
I got a reply from Support that said that the issue had already been fixed, and would be put into the next update.

  • It was not in the same session, no. I'd switched off synchronization a while earlier...and I switched off synchronization early enough that I don't know if the glitch would've occured or can occur with it on.
  • No panels/tabs were sync'd.
  • From the look of the screenshot Articy automatically took before the crash, yes, the bar still had a valid address. However, the screenshot didn't capture as many glitchy visual effects as I'd seen while the program was glitching, so it might've missed something.

Articy did take an automatic screenshot during the crash, but this doesn't well illustrate the glitch. I do have a copy uploaded to Imgur, however. Would you like it, or is it no longer really necessary?
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