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[Nevigo] FAQ
Hi all,

Thanks to everyone for your patience in getting your questions regarding future versions (and some other aspects) answered. We were overwhelmed by your response, and our Steam strategist Steffen Rühl has made up his mind quickly about how we will handle updates and future versions.

I've interviewed him, bringing your questions to the table, so here comes a little FAQ:

Question 1: Why does articy:draft SE cost so much less than the regular version on your website, but seems to be the same version?

There are two major differences:

  • With articy:draft SE you can purchase the commercial use separately, to keep the initial cost as low as possible.
  • The website version already includes the upgrade price to articy:draft 2 and a year of updates. Since most Steam customers were asking for a low initial investment, we decided to waive charging you for an update you might not want or need.

There were so many requests by indie developers who could not afford the regular edition on the website, that we just decided to go for a lower price to support these developers while at the same time making sure that our non-Steam clients won’t get miffed about it.

Question 2: Will articy:draft SE receive any updates?

articy:draft SE includes all the updates of the past year (1.1 through 1.5) and it is a pretty "round" package. It will stay on Steam “as is”, unless there are bugs to be fixed. We’ll continuously improve articy:draft, and we’re planning to also make features of the upcoming versions 2.0 to 2.x available on Steam. But to be able to maintain the attractive price tag of the SE base version, we’ll put those in separate packages. This gives you the flexibility to pick the articy:draft experience and feature scope that you need for your project.

Question 3: When will articy:draft 2 be released?

articy:draft 2 will be released in April 2013, exclusively through our website at first. New features introduced by the 2.x versions will eventually also come to Steam when integration with the Steam framework is done and we have agreed with Valve on how to package future extensions.

Question 4: Will articy:draft 2 come to Steam? Can we buy an upgrade from SE to articy:draft 2?

Since many of the SE-owners have already expressed great interest in upcoming features, we’ll definitely work out a way of making those available to you. That also includes teaming up with Valve to ensure a convenient way of upgrading to higher-tier versions through Steam for you.

In the meantime, if you want to upgrade to articy:draft 2 when it comes out in April, please contact us at and we find a solution and refund the price you paid for articy:draft SE.

Question 5: Will you offer the multi-user version on Steam?

That’s technically impossible at the moment. If you are interested in using the multi-user version of articy:draft, please contact us at - we also offer indie prices for the multi-user version.

Question 6: Why do you charge so much for articy:draft SE? It is too expensive! Why don’t you make all the upgrades free?

We understand that the price tag matters to you, and despite the huge price drop (99€ vs. 349€), articy:draft SE may still be a bit high in price for some of you.

We believe that 99€ for a pro-software that’ll increase your productivity and streamline your development process is a great deal, but still, we’ll be looking into ways to make articy:draft affordable for even more people in the course of the year. Please bear with us.

Regarding upgrades, all our non-Steam clients will have to pay for upgrades. So we’ll have to be fair and also put a price tag on corresponding Steam versions. Each update brings lots of powerful new features, and 15 people at Nevigo are adding quite a lot of functionality in the course of one year. We believe it’s fair to say that all that extra work has a value.

Question 7: What’s the idea behind the “commercial use upgrade” for the SE version on Steam?

We went for the “fairness upgrade” approach. You can use the non-commercial version of articy:draft SE even for projects intended for a commercial release. We ask you to upgrade to “commercial use” when revenues kick in and you feel like you can afford it. If you consider this “payment in installments”, the second installment will only become due when you are commercially successful. So we’re taking the risk of not completing or monetizing your project off your shoulders.

Long story short: “When your rent is paid and your families are fed, please help us also feed our families.” Thank you for that.

Question 8: Why do you support indie developers? Is this a marketing trick?

Would you believe us, if we told you it is no marketing trick? Well, it is no marketing trick.

We are fanatical game players here at Nevigo. This is not limited to video games, as our regular boardgame evenings show (Space Alert! Twilight Imperium!) We love indie games, because they brought the fun back into gaming. We love to play games like FTL, Geneforge, Thirty flights of loving, Mark of the Ninja and a host of others.

And in addition to that, we're truely grateful for the active and passionate articy:draft community that we can see growing. All of us here at Nevigo were all "born indie", and we love the close contact to you guys.

Question 9: Hey, you didn’t answer my question!

Sorry, drop us a line at and we change that!

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