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Frost Nov 3, 2013 @ 4:39pm
Just some feedback on what i would like to see.

- Create an example project for a book
- Create a condensed output that throws all conversation data in a designated flow together, creating a book in the .docx (instead of a script)

- Animated GIF support for preview images
- Auto-create assets when dragging from desktop to Entity. the three step process of having to drag it into asset folder, then goto the entity, then drag the asset into the entity is annoying and could be streamlined easily.
- UI Overhall, its annoying how double clicking on some text is rename, on other assets it is 'open' in third party, and in other assets still it is edit properties.
- Format painter. let me select one object, select the format painter then select another, and have it mimc the colour/size/shape/template of the first item. this would save a lot of time.
- Project preview image should be a project asset.
- If i could assign a template to a entity folder, so i dont have to choose it for every entity, that would be great.

- Quite a few times I have added preview images only for the slider to be stuck on full zoomed out mode.

Asset Marketplace
- Allow users to create Asset packs which can be purchased on the steam marketplace, some examples would be 'Fantasy Portrait pack', '100 Common Monster pack with templated details' etc.
- Marketplace for Templates would be useful too.

Connectors to popular development programs should be purchasabe as DLC. I understand Articy:Access exists for commercial studio's, but a $33 single user non-commercial connector to Unity would be amazing, as would seperate DLC for RPG Maker, UDK, CryEngine, Torque, Ogre, Source and Game Maker Studio.

This approach would allow to Indy and Hobby developers to get the most out your software without impacting what I assume is your main cashflow - commercial studio's.

My last suggestion would be the creation of a Student version for download on your site to verified university email addresses. this would go a long way to entrenching your software in the development processes for new developers entering the workplace. And when those students are tasked with something they have trained in Articy to do? they will push their employer to use Articy.
articy:draft > General Discussions > Topic Details