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Rabcor Dec 8, 2013 @ 9:05pm
Choices that have an effect later in the game
I'm writing a Visual Novel (I know that this is overkill for VN design, but it's set in an RPG universe which i'm also designing and will use for a bigger RPG game later, i'm using VNs to build up to the final game i am planning to make)

But one thing that kind of caught me is that i have some choices early on in the story that will not have any effect until later in the game, lets say i have a flow fragment with a player choice in it, then 2 fragments later this choice will kick in and change the story. (No immediate effects)

The only thing i found to represent choices i may have thrown at the player earlier on was Annotation and "Hubs", obviously not what hubs are made for, but their small size makes them do a rather decent job for it. A combination of the two might do it best but...

I don't think it's really enough to represent it, especially if i have multiple choices (more than 2). It feels like this is something so basic i find it hard to believe theres no feature for it in here (i must be overseeing it somewhere right?) this quite literally feels like i can't find the commands for "if" and "else if" and "else"... The most basic commands in programming that is.

If it's only 2 fragments away it's easy to find a workaround for it, but what if it's many fragments away?

Am i missing something or is there really no good way to do this?
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Archeia Dec 8, 2013 @ 9:20pm 
Gah sorry I thought I was in a specific forum <_<;
Rabcor Dec 8, 2013 @ 9:34pm 
you asking me to be more specific?

Example scenario:

Player meets a character and gets a choice, this choice affects the characters opinion of the player.

Player does a couple of quests or something inbetween (could be a massive chunk of story inbetween)

The character shows up again, and depending on the players action from earlier this character will now either try to murder the player, or try to help the player.

I.e, player gets a choice early in the game, but the story branches related to that choice don't happen until much later in the game.

pseudocode example:
choice = 0 ##choice 1: Character likes you, 2: Character hates you, 0: Character doesn't care ##A whole lot of flow fragments later much deeper into the story... if choice = 1 { story branch ##Character tries to help the player. } else if choice = 2 { story branch ##Character tries to kill the player. } else { skip story branch ##Character doesn't care and isn't encountered again yet. }
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Hi Riful!

Are you using articy:draft SE 2.x? I think the "Global Variables" feature will help you. The story node with the player choice will set a variable (like choice in your example), and you can use that variable to select branches in future flow fragments.

Check out the conditional flow logic[] introduced in version 2.2!

Hope this helps!
Rabcor Dec 10, 2013 @ 11:41am 
Thanks, that answers my question.

But damn, and i was really hoping i wouldn't need to upgrade to articy: draft 2 since it's pretty expensive. Maybe i'll do it on the next sale if the discount is nice though (christmas sales?).

I guess it might pay off in the end though, this program is extremely useful, and some of the things i'm doing would've been a lot harder and more confusing without it. One of which being story (the flow system is awesome!)
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