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gesheed 2013年12月10日下午10:47
Need some help about articy
Hi everyone,

I'm very interested in buying Articy, but I'm not sure if its going to help with what I need to do. I'm basically designing a new game and it's not an RPG, but I'm looking for a storyboard tool to create visuals and let my team understand what my game is about. Going through the videos I saw the level designing part, which was really interesting. So I just want to know if any of you used this as a storyboard tool or will it help me to do so? Thanks a lot :)
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HighDarkTemplar 2013年12月11日上午8:05 
It's exactly what articy:draft is made for...
Riful 2013年12月11日下午2:12 
Just get the 2 week trial, and then decide for yourself.. the answer is probably just simply "yes" though.
gesheed 2013年12月12日上午12:27 
Thank you for the reply guys, I'll definitely download the trial and give it a shot.
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