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gesheed 2013年12月10日 22時47分
Need some help about articy
Hi everyone,

I'm very interested in buying Articy, but I'm not sure if its going to help with what I need to do. I'm basically designing a new game and it's not an RPG, but I'm looking for a storyboard tool to create visuals and let my team understand what my game is about. Going through the videos I saw the level designing part, which was really interesting. So I just want to know if any of you used this as a storyboard tool or will it help me to do so? Thanks a lot :)
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HighDarkTemplar 2013年12月11日 8時05分 
It's exactly what articy:draft is made for...
Riful 2013年12月11日 14時12分 
Just get the 2 week trial, and then decide for yourself.. the answer is probably just simply "yes" though.
gesheed 2013年12月12日 0時27分 
Thank you for the reply guys, I'll definitely download the trial and give it a shot.
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