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Rabcor Dec 10, 2013 @ 10:06pm
Gameplay Mechanics Design?
I've been using this program a bit now, and i figured i need to do some mechanics design pretty soon. What i mean is leveling system, currency, spellcasting system, skills/attributes, perks, faction/reputation system...

You get the picture (i hope)

How would you recommend I'd do this?

i get the idea that i could use the Entity system for the spells, skills, perks & possibly attributes. But creating the actual leveling system, the experience required to level up, having a visual reference for the difference between level 5 & level 8 character, balancing damage in context with total HP depending on level, etc. Or doing something similar with faction reputation systems, or alignment/morality system. For example you might need a certain faction rep to talk to certain characters or access certain areas...

Do you think it's best to keep some of these things in (word) documents outside of articy and just linking them into articy with the assets system?

Edit: In relation to currency, one item might be more valuable at one place than another, for example a water is more expensive in a desert than a rain forest. Then there also might be different currencies depending on location, for example one place might use gold, but another might use diamonds, etc.
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articy:draft > General Discussions > Topic Details