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Dentorhedge Aug 14, 2013 @ 4:56pm
There are Still Mysteries!
Naramura released a photo on his twitter of a secret mural of three men behind the history mural in the entrance to the Pillars Gate. How do we activate it?
Many people still do not know of the secret 3D mode that can be activated in the games code! (Instructions available in the NIGORO blog)
And we still don't know what that block does in the mausoleum of the giants two rooms away from where the Ghost Lord lives.
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Vilurum Aug 14, 2013 @ 7:23pm 
1. Personally, I'd ask the person who actually tweeted it in the first place, who was not Naramura. RT is a thing. Anyway, it could be real, it could be a temporary early-version graphic that was later replaced (note the version number at the top of the screen), or it could be a shop. Without any additional information, I'd rather not conclude either way at this point.

2. Good call, I didn't know about that myself.

3. That's also something I'd been kinda wondering about. Perhaps there was a puzzle relating to that in the original, and the trap was kept in anyway? It seems like an inexplicably strange thing to trap: every other time you get zapped by the game, there's some reason why. It's not related to any puzzles needed to get the 100% characters in ending achievement (which effectively amounts to a "100% the game" achievement), so I dunno.
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