Gennemse og vurder spillerskabte guider til dit spil. Eller opret din egen og del dine tips med fællesskabet.
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Vampiric Strikes: Empowering Hate
af Kurodani Yamame
This is merely a guide to help people build Hate to be useable for any frame, and can effectively make casters almost as invincible as a Tank, without needing Blessing. We're going to focus primarily on three mods here, with some others as backup and to a...
The Clan Dat Rube Doe Guide To Prime Drops
af Wolfie The Furfag
Prime Enthusiasts and Prime Hunters alike, Welcome! This is a quick-reference guide to finding any and all avalible prime weapons and Warframes. This handy guide includes drop locations of primes and a brief description of each. Created by Dat Rube Doe fo...
The Clan Dat Rube Doe Guide to Farming
af Levi G.C. Ren
Need to know where to find resources? Well, me and my buddies at Dat Rube Doe have a few helpful tips and tricks on where to find these specific resources....
Making bank in warframe (credits/platinum farming and trading guide)
af mwdragon
A guide to making platinum without actually buying it and the best places to farm credits to fuel your empire and preparing your wallet/anus for the PWE takeover shit storm that is brewing want to stop it go here
How to look like badass in Warframe
af -/Doge/- Nuhnu
Title maybe says it all,and that picture has maybe something to do with it...
How to survive a Warframe made by Perfect online
af mwdragon
How survive in the Perfect online version of Warframe...
The most successful CRAZIE Survival Strategy
af Crazie
Hey! I place this strategy above all the others because players will have more fun using all there warframe abilities since they will no short of energy. You will also understand why Excalibur is on the cover of warframe and give Excal more ratings. ...
Welcome Tenno! A Beginners Guide to Warframe (WIP)
af =T$E= CoffeeChipmunk =MS=
Is Warframe downloading? Check out this guide to know what to expect!...
Варфреймы Тэнно (Основы)
af PblCb
Warframe's (Варфреймы) - это экзоскелеты, которые используются расой Тэнно во вселенной Warframe. Экзоскелет, помимо самовосстанавливающегося энерг...
NOVA - Teach Me How To Nova
af KingStyle SainT
This guide will show you my favorite and, in my humble opinion, most effective way to play as Nova.It will make you rack up the kill count as well as being an invaluable asset to your team....