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Chroma Build [ITA] - Armatura del Drago
por Bahamus
Chroma è un frame che si basa soprattutto su tecniche difensive e statistiche da resistenza. Può essere sfruttato come supporto o attacco, ma fin'ora l'ho usato principalmente nelle partite in solo, soprattutto senza altre armi equipaggiate se non la s...
Tips of Warframe (Errors will be seen advise me at comments)
por Shrektheonewhofillsyouwithlove
I don't own the picture if you may ask and this guide is obviously another guide of tips of the lore and the game tactics and maybe you can help me with....
Becoming a Darvo Dealer
por TheThermic
Through this guide, I'll show you how to become a master advertiser, and be just like Darvo!...
An Expirienced Player's Guide To Warframe (WiP)
por мr.W✪lffstamps <ми>
Keywords for starters Forma = Used to change polarity slots while upgrading stuff Polarity slots = These are know as, Madurai (damage), Vazarin (defence), Naramon, Zenurik , Penjaga, Koneksi, Unairu. These are all mod catergories. Mods = Short...
Строгий NAT
por Y632KO
Это руководство может помочь решить проблему со строгим NAT и сбоем в работе UPnP...
How to do Draco / rep farms
por No Dad, not tonight | ♠
Hey there fellow warframe player, I'm here to show you how to successfully do rep farming. First off, you need to unlock the planet, and more specifically the game mode. Rep farming is done on interception missions (to my knowledge). So the the most commo...
Rus Руководство начинающего Тэнно
por DanDance
Если вы впервые запустили игру, не знаете, зачем нужны моды, где делать крафт, кто такой сталкер и что, черт возьми, здесь происходит - эта ста...
How to Trinity? (updated with rage + quickthinking)
por [HoV] Freakyideas
Trinity is often thought of being a crappy frame, because she can only heal and has no damage abbilities. However every team should need a trinity, she makes sure the team got an infinite supply of health, shields and energy + she's the best tank. In this...
Warframe Complete Raid Guide | Law of Retribution
por It's Super Effective!
Hey Super Gamers, It’s Super Effective Here, Warframe recently came out with Raids which are complex and challenging. Being a long time Warframe player, I sought it fitting to start creating guides to explain it in my own unique way to help folks lik...
Équipe optimisée = multiplier ses chances de réussite
por VVhite_Angel
Ce guide vous permet de comprendre, connaître les combinaisons de warframes et armes optimisées afin d'aller loin dans le jeu, dans les missions du Vide (les fameuses Tour 1,2,3,4 def, survie, etc ...)...
Farming Tips And Tricks! ( Constantly Updated )
por Navarian
This will hopefully be a large, extensive guide based entirely around all the loot you can recieve in warframe, and where best to go to get it! I'll keep this updated as much as I can, and all feedback is appreciated. Navarian - Nologam....
Trinity Build [ITA] - Supporto e Attacco
por Bahamus
Trinity è l'unico Warframe che si dedica esclusivamente alla cura e al supporto della squadra. Ha solo abilità di ripristino vita e energia, una difensiva, e apparentemente nessuna di attacco. Dico apparentemente, perchè la sua capacità di cambiare ru...
Farming Void Keys
Just a guide to have handy information on where is better to find orokin Void Keys. Updated 11/6/2015 Informations taken from Warframe Wiki and player experience, uploaded for quick consultation. The locations listed here are: - Missions in which you ...
Варфреймы и их применение
por Hedgeg
Акцент на наиболее эффективное использование костюмов с описанием скилов....
Warframe - Jak stworzyć Mirage [PL]
por Wolfeus
W tym poradniku dowiecie się jak stworzyć nowego Warframe dodanego w aktualizacji 14 - Mirage....
Guia Warframe en Español (Incluye Raid completa, localización de Planos y Partes Prime)
por Banken
¿Has empezado a jugar y no sabes qué hacer? ¿Buscas partes o planos primes y no sabes dónde están? ¡Esta es tu guía!...
Arcane Enhancements
por Vint
This is just a quick little reference guide on what these arcane enhancements do and where to get them....
Farming Weapon Prime
por [STARS] Rick
Location of weapons Primes blueprints: Boar, Boltor, Braton, Burston, Paris, Soma, Akbronco, Bronco, Hikou, Lex, Sicarus, Vasto, Ankyros, Bo, Dakra, Fang, Glaive, Orthos, Scindo, Wyrm, Laser Rifle, Latron, Reaper, Lato and Skana Prime. Source: http:/...
Making Bank in warframe 2.0(Advance trading tips)
por Evil
How to make even more plat with out buying it. This part of the guide goes over selling one of a kind mods,Kubrow breeds,where to find good deals, and the forums...
Syndicates: Alliances / Values / Offerings
por Dzajareee
Syndicates are groups of interest operating throughout the Origin System separate from the Corpus, Grineer, and the Tenno. These factions have their own ideologies and goals regarding the fate of the system, with some inevitably in disagreement with anoth...
General Warframe Modding (Update 16.1.2)
por eightystrike
It's up to you to make the decisions and mod your Warframes to your needs. To guide you, we will briefly go over what you should focus on for each Warframe (e.g., should you mod for power strength, power efficiency, power duration, etc.)....
Law of Retribution: How to beat it
por Kira Yamato
strategies, frames, and weapon suggestions to make the 8-man raid simplier and easier...
Void Recompensas / 08-04-2015
por Lucas Junior
Tente usar: CTRL + F <nome "prime" + Parte > para fazer uma busca rápida. Esquema de Rotação Rotação A> Onda 5 - 10 - 25 - 30 - 45 - 50... Intercepção > 1,2,5,6... Rotação B> Onda 15 - 35 - 55... Intercepção > 3,7,11... Rotação C>...
Успешные взаимоотношения с синдикатами
por Nicantob
Руководство по взаимоотношениям с синдикатами. В нем вы узнаете как дружить одновременно с 4-мя синдикатами из 6-ти....
Farming Warframe Prime
por [STARS] Rick
Location of Warframes Primes blueprints: Odonata, Volt, Rhino, Nyx, Nova, Mag, Loki, Ember, Frost and Excalibur. Source:
Дроп И Крафт.
por Antos
В Руководстве представлены: чертежи варфреймов, описание ресурсов и места их дропа. Информация еще не полная и будет обновляться. ...
Saryn, the Fart Queen
por #StraightPrideWorldwide
Simple guide on how to unleash big, beefy farts with my favorite frame, Saryn. While there are many ways to play this very flexible frame, this is my preferred build after many big patches and balance changes....
[PL/ENG]Lista dropów prime,List of prime items
por CptLingo™
Tutaj jest cała lista przedmiotów prime, będę starał się często go edytować jeśli się coś zmieni :3 There is list of all prime items in game if somthing change or if i found somthing new i will change ASAP :3...
Orokin Void | Derelict Rewards (March-24-2015)
por Inept-
Created this guide so it can be easily accessible on Steam and within the in-game interface. Try using: CTRL+F <name> to do a quick search. Don't forget to rate & favorite! :3 [url=
Warframe Prime Weapon, Resource, and Archwing Drop Tables
por Wyldbill
A Comprehensive guide on many of the lootables in the game, tables are included to provide quick and legible information while research on better farming locations are done on an almost daily basis. Created for the veteran player as a one-stop shop....
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