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[EN][FR] Trinity mistress of heal/energy
by [RTFM] Evilflora
A small guide to introduce who is Trinity, How to get her, Abilities, Stats and a good build for defence. Un petit guide pour introduire qui est Trinity, Comment l'avoir, Abilités, Statistiques et un bon build pour la défence....
SYNDICATES MODS COLLECTION (and some tips about)
by cob_metallica
ALL SYNDICATES MODS COLLECTION, i will try to tell here some things you should know about some syndicates weapon and warframe mods. Thanks for reading....
Getting MAX from syndicates
by Nicantob
How to get the maximum standing in the maximum number of syndicates? You can find answer inside this post!...
How to play flappy bird in warframe
by editho
This just a little guide too show you how you can play " flappy tenno" in our favorite game ! lets try ! :)...
Basic Damage Against Factions
by [PA] Lifeless Crewcabanger
This Guide will go over the basics of damage against the factions of Warframe....
Opticor - Non Crit Top Damage Build (5 Forma)
by [WOAL] Continuum
This is a 5 Forma Opticor build, will be going over 2 different builds for each of the factions...
ALL MODS COLLECTION (with mobs drop)
by cob_metallica
All mods collection from the game , including the way to obtain them. All mods pictures are from Warframe Wikia. Enjoy !...
Ash Build (2 Forma - Updated with Smoke Shadow)
by [WOAL] Continuum
This is just a quick guide to show you how to play Ash properly and not spam 4 all the time...
Soma - Top Damage Crit Build (4 Forma)
by [WOAL] Continuum
This is a full build guide on how to mod your 4 forma soma. Will be going over builds over all the 3 factions...
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