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Updated Resource Farming Guide
by Mictlantecuitli
A fairly comprehensive (and simple) guide to where to get the most resources in the shortest amount of time using the least amount of effort....
Stance Mods - What, Where, and How
by Piranah
A guide to all stance mods...
Warframe Crafting: Where and How to?
by Vorpal Rend
**UPDATE** Now includes Quests and Archwings This guide is to help people with crafting of Warframes and all blueprints. Where do you find the blueprints to Warframes? Where do you find a "Chassis"? Can I Wear a "Chassis"? WHERE THE HELL IS THE BU...
Дроп И Крафт.
by Antos
В Руководстве представлены: чертежи варфреймов, описание ресурсов и места их дропа. Информация еще не полная и будет обновляться. ...
All-Encompassing Guide to Warframe
by Falem
This guide was created to give new players information on everything they need to know about the game in order to make their experience more enjoyable.(starting the game, gameplay, mods, fusion system, mastery rank, alerts,farming, clans, weapons, warfram...
Orokin Void | Derelict Rewards (March-24-2015)
by Inept-
Created this guide so it can be easily accessible on Steam and within the in-game interface. Try using: CTRL+F <name> to do a quick search. Don't forget to rate & favorite! :3 [url=
Warframe Alerts Informer
by Sonic Son'edit
This program: 1) Will inform you about alerts you want to know - flexible filter settings. 2) Easy to use and setup - Unzip & start! 3) Has nice and user-friendly interface, but can also quietly run in tray. 4) Well optimized, this tool does not use m...
Welcome Tenno! A Beginners Guide to Warframe
by Coffeechipmunk
Is Warframe downloading? Check out this guide to know what to expect!...
Stance Mod Locations - Updated 4/15
by Circles
A guide on Melee Stance mods. Who drops what, what fits on which weapon, and where to farm....
Updated 16.4 Prime Part´s for Weapons & Warframes
To find what you want to hunt down in game press, and hold CTRL+F and then type in what you seek. My goal of this guide was to keep a quick refference list of all prime parts, Weapons, Warframe,Sentinal and yes including Archwing....
Warframe Prime Weapon, Resource, and Archwing Drop Tables
by Wyldbill
A Comprehensive guide on many of the lootables in the game, tables are included to provide quick and legible information while research on better farming locations are done on an almost daily basis. Created for the veteran player as a one-stop shop....
Everything you need to know about Kubrow!
by Z3®0
Get your first kubrow in easy steps! Please rate so everyone could see the Guide, Thank you! ...
The different resources and where to find them.
by Legally Blind
The title says it all....
[GER/ENG] Prime Loot Table [ U16 Up to Date!<3 ]
by ѕнσωтєк<3™
Your're searching for a Prime part and you don't know where you can find it? Here you can find the whole list off all Primes and their locations [ Up to Date ] ♥ If you want to search your part faster use ctrl+f <3...
How to Farm, Basic/Advanced Player Progression
by Tom Servo
With the release of Update 7, and the Steam release, Warframe's player progression is more reliant than ever on you having a good selection of mods at your disposal. With this guide, I'll show you how to maximize your mod earnings per mission, as well as ...
Farming Warframe Prime
by [STARS] Rick
Location of Warframes Primes blueprints: Odonata, Volt, Rhino, Nyx, Nova, Mag, Loki, Ember, Frost and Excalibur....
Farming Weapon Prime
by [STARS] Rick
Location of weapons Primes blueprints: Boar, Boltor, Braton, Burston, Paris, Soma, Akbronco, Bronco, Hikou, Lex, Sicarus, Vasto, Ankyros, Bo, Dakra, Fang, Glaive, Orthos, Scindo, Wyrm, Laser Rifle, Latron, Reaper, Lato and Skana Prime....
Warframe Damage 2.0 Reference Guide
by GravemyndATX
[Update 16.5!] The Ultimate Reference to the damage in Warframe! Including elemental conversions for weapon modding purposes, damage recommendations for each Faction plus a break down of every enemy/boss health, armor, shield values, abilities, lore and m...
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