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Frame and Weapon Build
by devas39
This is my build that i use in warframe.... mostly based on experience, feel free to discuss and critics my build......
Melee 2.0 Combo Animations
by Onlyησιяe
Compiled a list of gifs showcasing the animations for each stance-locked combo. Been making .gifs for a while now so I guess it would make sense that I'd make a guide full of GIFS, yay! :D WORK IN PROGRESS | WORK IN PROGRESS | WORK IN PROGRESS | WOR...
Stance Mods - What, Where, and How
by Piranah
A guide the new U13 stance mods...
Stance Mod Locations
by Circles
A guide to the new Melee Stance mods. Who drops what, what fits on which weapon, and where to farm....
[ITA] Tutorial, primi passi: muoversi con cognizione
by Psychobilly
A distanza di diversi mesi da quando ho iniziato a giocare, ho pensato di fare un video tutorial per iniziare a muoversi con cognizione durante i primi momenti di gioco ;) check this out!...
Ultimate Guide to All the Primes
by The Atheist Swagonwheel
If you read this guide you will get cancer....
How to play as the Nova Warframe
by ロクサス
This guide will teach you how to Nova is NO TIME!...
Warframe Starting-Guide/Crashkurs [GERMAN]
by ^1VeysTheGreat ^6<3
Warframe Bosses List and Drops
by [NCIS] Agent
This guide will explain all the current bosses on Warframe, including what they drop....
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