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Tipps fürs Handeln
by stefan1997
Um ohne Geld auszugeben durch Warframe zu kommen benötigt man viel Platin. Am Anfang habt ihr 50 Platin als Startkapital. 50 Platin darf man nicht überbewerten (es reicht gerade mal für 2 Warframe Slots). Wenn ihr nun im Handel Geld verdienen wol...
Строгий NAT
by Y632KO
Это руководство может помочь решить проблему со строгим NAT и сбоем в работе UPnP...
Draco With Limbo. No wait WHAT?!
by | (• ◡•)| F͚̌G̐́̂G̺͎̽̔̍̕T͞ ☑[ON]
You are saying: Why Limbo? Ok, Limbo can do the work too! Things that you need are: Damage + Max Range Limbo; Total Eclipse Mirage at least 500%; Globe Frost; Energy Vampire Trinity -Duration +Strenght and Stretch. More info in the guide!...
Excalibur + Dual Zoren build (Warframe Patch
by Ryshifter
This build, in my opinion, is good for dealing fairly big amount of damage using melee and is safe to use since it provides you with some kind of immortality as long as you don't forget to use channeling to regain your health, combine this with the new Ex...
Making Bank in warframe 2.0(Advance trading tips)
by Evil
How to make even more plat with out buying it. This part of the guide goes over selling one of a kind mods,Kubrow breeds,where to find good deals, and the forums...
Becoming a Darvo Dealer
by TheThermic
Through this guide, I'll show you how to become a master advertiser, and be just like Darvo!...
Fastest way to kill the Juggernaut Behemoth
by [SÐ] Bad84552364
Step 1: Get a full squad of OP torids Setp 2: shoot it Step 3:????? Step 4: PROFIT P.S. it will take less than 30 seconds to kill the jug if everyone continously fires on it with the torids ;D...
Warframe - Tactical Alert Black Seed Scourge
by Japones
Quick guide > Tactical Alert Black Seed Scourge Enjoy !...
Warframe Tips for Farming!!!
by Makk3/Lus5ive
Hiyaaah and Welcome to my Miserable attempt to help you in the ways of Farming. It's lackluster, it's bad but it has still arrived. RIP! I will just list the ways i found to be VERY effective. No haterino! : ) No Humans/Sheeps/Other Organic Beings w...
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