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How to be a Tenno Skoom
by 3D8K
This is a complete guide how to be Tenno Skoom...
Warframe - Being Yourself
by ᶻᵉᵉᶰᵒ m•w
Wanted to know how to have a great weapon choice? How to look great? Your own tactics in missions? This guide will try to teach you it all!...
Getting help with difficult missions
by WolfEcho
Simple tips and tricks to advance in the game without using platinum, this guide will also help if your looking for people to do co-op missions with. (Also how to earn some free platinum if you really want to buy without using your own money)....
[OPERATION: Gate Crash] Resource Cache
by +SkySplitter+
Everything you'll need to know about resource caches (locations/rewards)...
how to create super laser kubrow
by El Oso CHino (tina te amo)
holy shit!...
How to get all the money
by Tlachicoatl
How to Solar Rail.
by Mentlegen
Glaxion: A pass through Nyx Rifle?
by Taeresk
This is for the Warframe weapon: Glaxion, just a concept I had going through my head of how I am building mine out to be this status rifle so it could proc viral and radiation on as many people as possible in a short time....
[FR] Warframe : Le Stalker
by Sly15
Bonjour/Bonsoir Aujourd'hui on ne va pas présenter un Warframe jouable , mais un Boss unique et rare Bonne Lecture Tenno !...
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