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Farming Weapon Prime
by [STARS] Rick
Location of weapons Primes blueprints: Boar, Boltor, Braton, Burston, Paris, Soma, Akbronco, Bronco, Hikou, Lex, Sicarus, Vasto, Ankyros, Bo, Dakra, Fang, Glaive, Orthos, Scindo, Wyrm, Laser Rifle, Latron, Reaper, Lato and Skana Prime....
Farming Warframe Prime
by [STARS] Rick
Location of Warframes Primes blueprints: Volt, Rhino, Nyx, Nova, Mag, Loki, Ember, Frost and Excalibur....
Easily farming credits. For the casual player.
by Fancyneer
Oy vey, you short on shekels goyim? Well look no further as I'll be telling you how to net a good 10k,15k, and even 20k credits in a single run. Yes, I know you could also go do some T3 - T4 void to get twice as much but sometimes you just don't have t...
Warframe Lore
by TheSilentKing
This is a explaination to the lore of the factions/races of warframe Note: guide maybe be updated as new lore info is given...
"Jet Kitty" Jat Kittag/Zephyr Build
by Dejobli
In this guide, I'll share with you one of my most successful builds utilizing what I feel is the best melee weapon in the game, and the best Warframe in the game....
Tenno Starter guide (from basic,humble start to your advance slaying,this is a W.I.P)
by Honor Guard
I will tell you all you need for Warframe...
Warframe Complete Raid Guide | Law of Retribution
by It's Super Effective!
Hey Super Gamers, It’s Super Effective Here, Warframe recently came out with Raids which are complex and challenging. Being a long time Warframe player, I sought it fitting to start creating guides to explain it in my own unique way to help folks lik...
Drop Locations for Prime Weapons and Frames (For In Game Use)
by TehGraphics
Prime Weapon and Frame Drop Locations Prime Weapons Primary *****************************************************************************************************************...
Evey Van Pyre - A Build for Trinity
by Pelia
Trinity purposed for replenishing energy of her teammates via Energy Vampire is quite sought after. If you possess Trinity, a build of this kind is a must....
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