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[OPERATION: Gate Crash] Resource Cache
by +SkySplitter+
Everything you'll need to know about resource caches (locations/rewards)...
how to create super laser kubrow
by El Oso CHino (tina te amo)
holy shit!...
Warframe - Being Yourself
by ᶻᵉᵉᶰᵒ m•w
Wanted to know how to have a great weapon choice? How to look great? Your own tactics in missions? This guide will try to teach you it all!...
by Rozei
One of the best use of castanas in warframe!...
How to Farm for Quick XP/Rare Mods
by [BSE] InvaderMEEN
An effective technique to farm for both inordinate amounts of XP but also rare mods like Split Chamber, Life Strike, and more....
How to Get New Pet Kubrow (Update 14)
by Fenix
Hello Tenno I was sent here by Lotus to show you, how to get your new pet Kubrow from Update 14...
Orokin Void T4 Keys Drop Location
by [∞]Evotech
Like the title said. :) ...
How To Get Platinum Without Buying It: Becoming the Ultimate Trader
by Cytik Fan: World Order
Ever get tired of waiting for a platinum discount to buy plat? Do you want that sick new syandana or armour set, or even a nice prime weapon or frame, but are strapped for plat? This guide will teach you how to raise the funds to afford what you want. Thi...
by Hoakin Blackforge
Damage 2.0, made simple!
by [DRACO+Masyaf]EternallyPrussian
This guide is simply gonna be how damage 2.0 works for people who need a very quick reference on how it works. Unlike some guides, this won't be a near copy/paste from the wiki....
Warframe ♠ 9 - Nova Build Breakdown New Aura Build - Highest Damage warframe
by PeoplesChoiceGaming
Bascialy I breakdown the best ways to fully mod this warframe for all factions. Know the game well. Been at it since a year ago so understand it real well. Pretty much make all the main guides and tutorials/build breakdowns what not for warframe o...
The Clan Dat Rube Doe Guide To Void Keys
by Wolfie The Furfag
Hello fellow Tenno! After posting two guides in the past, the members of Dat Rube Doe have gotten several requests to make a guide on finding Void Keys. This is that guide! Take a look and if you aren't satisfied, tell us how we might improve upon it!...
NOVA - Teach Me How To Nova
by SainT37
This guide will show you my favorite and, in my humble opinion, most effective way to play as Nova.It will make you rack up the kill count as well as being an invaluable asset to your team....
[WARFRAME] Como e Onde Conseguir Materiais.
by ☣ĐΔMΛǤ3☣
Como e Onde Obter os Materiais? Os materiais são os recursos utilizados para criar armas e peças no warframe. Encontram-se disponíveis em todos os planetas. Circuitos: Vênus, Ceres, Júpiter e Europa Ferrite: Mercúrio, Terra, Netuno Nan...
[11.7+] Nyx Guide - Basic and Advanced Mod Builds
by FullMetalNyalchemistヽ(`Д´)ノ
Learn the best and most efficient builds with Nyx and her strengths for all players from beginners with few mods, to advanced players with the most rare mods....
[11.7+] Mag Prime: The Corpus Killer - Basic and Advanced Mod Build Guide
by FullMetalNyalchemistヽ(`Д´)ノ
Learn the best way to play Mag Prime, and the most efficient way to build this Warframe. From beginner level basic mods, to advanced builds using rare mods....
Everything you need to know about Kubrow!
by Z3®0
Get your first kubrow in easy steps! Please rate so everyone could see the Guide, Thank you! ...
Warframe Survival: How to survive longer
by Kira Yamato
a few tips and strategies to help keep your survival games less stressful and last longer, easier...
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