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Volt build ?
Can anyone help me with a volt build ? What kind of mods etc is handy ? I tried google but my searching skills is 0 =3

I build a supra now, and combined it with my volt shield It is awesome but i am not doing much damage.

And my Ultimate skills is pretty weak,

any advise would be welcome ^^
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Ampersand Sep 13, 2013 @ 3:48pm 
Max out overload and shield, the overload will hit way farther and the shield will last longer. That said, slap on a duration mod as well, for the shield and speed(really only gonna want that for raid, capture, etc.). Strength for the overload and i guess the shock if you want to use it. You're also gonna want power effiecency(spelled so totally wrong) and energy siphon for aura. Energy siphon is not the polarisation, but it really helps with volt. The key pattern here is that you need to be able to use your powers repeatidly you always want a surplus of energy at hand. Hope this helps. ^^
Rapxtor Sep 13, 2013 @ 5:18pm 
If you dont mind the advise, i wouldnt formed volt aura, its a waste of forma, first energy siphon by itself, take to much time to recharge at max, time that you dont have in tough situation, only usefull if you have other frames in the team that also have that aura (Solo is almost complretly useless, unless you use shade and stop to charge), you can use now in your volt the rifle Amp, that give a boost of 22%to your primary weapon damage, and use the forma for other slot.
Takku Sep 13, 2013 @ 6:18pm 
Volt isn't really viable against high level enemies. Electric Shield is all he brings, Shock and Overload are affected by enemy armor and thus deal little to no damage except to Corpus (but even against that faction it ceases to be effective at some point).
Personally all I use Volt for is rushing missions such as Tower III Capture/Raid or Assassinations. Note that there's very few Warframes that deal considerable amounts of damage with their abilities alone, most need to bring strong guns if they want to do more damage than mobs...
If you insist on playing Volt in a way that is not just rushing through with Speed, get the following mods: Focus, Stretch, Streamline, Redirection and possibly Vigor. Further options are Rush, Quick Rest, Thief's Wit (especially for defense) or power duration mods as they buff all abilities except Shock iirc (Continuity and Constitution). Note that Focus, Streamline and Continuity are rare mods while Vigor and Constitution are Nightmare mods (also Rare but at least you know where to farm them), so if you're more or less new you might not have those yet.
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Natsuyaki Rinko Sep 14, 2013 @ 12:37am 
ohh thanks for everyone input, so volt is basicly not so good warframe to play with :( thats sad... i thought with the shield + dera it would be OP at some point... guess i will let it eat dust then ~

hmm i like the speed buff i think it would help in boss farming etc. Hmm i will see how things goo ~~
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