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TezzLaCoil Apr 18, 2013 @ 10:54am
Any tips against solo infected missions?
So, I've been playing for about three days now. Got maybe 8 hours of actual game time. Got bored with group-tackling the missions, because they were so easy with 3 extra guys. So I went solo. Beat Jackal after the second try, etc. I've done almost every mission except a few Mercury missions on my own so far, with very little trouble, using only the MK1 Braton, that standard-issue pistol, and a CRONUS blade.

But the moment I started tackling infected missions, it's like hitting a brick wall. Literally. I'm staggered indefinitely at close range, and nothing I can currently buy can do the damage necessary at range to kill these things. Not only that, but then there are those Poison Ancients that just make everything miserable. When I retreat after being overwhelmed by those squat-looking mobs, I get swarmed from behind too, even if I spent 15 minutes or more in the previous sections making ABSOLUTELY SURE there was nothing left. That's a tad unfair for a pile of zombie-like mobs where there's so little evidence for infection, except barnacles and bees as I call them. I could understand if the ship LOOKED infested, instead of neglected, but that's a bit off-topic.

I just can't seem to kill enough of these creeps to get through a whole mission, and the fact that they're omnisciently outflanking my every retreat and the poisoning me through my freaking shields is unendingly frustrating. Is there any effective tactic for killing these guys, except a shotgun that I can't buy because it's "XP locked?"
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Spawn of Totoro Apr 18, 2013 @ 11:00am 
Don't. Uness you have a frame with a decent AOE attack, chances are you will die fast. It is easy to find people to play with in those missions.

I was forced to solo one because the person logged out just as the mobs came out. I used 2 revives. I was lucky it was an extermination mission.
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mal Apr 18, 2013 @ 11:20am 
Firstly, when asking for tips as a new player, I'd advise folks to list their frame. advice for a Loki player doesn't help if you're using excalibur or Mag.

On to actually trying to help:

WEAPON MODS: Fire does the most bonus damage against infested, full auto weapons like your braton are needed for the sheer number of enemies.
I personally prefer Cryo rounds for the slowing effect of frost damage on infested. this helps with..

As you gain the attention of infested enemies, more spawn in neighboring rooms.. the only way to not get outflanked is backing into a corner, which I do NOT advise unless...

Excalibur can slash dash through the enemy and then head for a different corner while firing the whole while

Loki can put forth a decoy to keep them distracted for a little bit _or_ invisibility past them.

I do not know Mag's moveset and thus have no advice if playing Mag.

Noting that both these plans require energy, ancient disruptors have to not be allowed to hit you, or you are likely dead.


Accept that they'll be coming from everywhere and just run and gun, doing a dash > jump > slide (jumpkick) to go over the pile of them when you're getting close to a corner. Fire in short bursts if there are fewer than five infested in the pack, and bring ammo boxes and health restores in your inventory slots because you _will_ need them unless you're really good.

Final trick: crates. Many of the infested can't get you if you simply climb on top of a crate. after doing this snipe them with your Lato to conserve rifle ammo for the bad situations.

Dealing with the big guys...
Headshots? nope. Aim for the legs, they have a minor weakpoint in the head but a MAJOR one in the leg. they all have a charge move where you can only outrun them if slowed by frost rounds. I use my pistol for dealing with these guys due to the fact that unlike the rest of the infested, they actually have armor making that armor piercing mod useful, although fire is still good and cryo is UTTERLY needed. the pistol use is to conserve long gun ammo for the hordes.

Of the big guys, toxic ancients give you that lovely poison, disruptors take away all energy _and_ shields when they hit you. those are the type you engage at range only. any other type of ancient just circle around doing fast melee swings and they'll die eventually. (just be sure to target them last as they're less dangerous than a horde of those darn dogs)

Good hunting mate, hope this helps.

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mal Apr 18, 2013 @ 11:54am 
btw if you decide you'd like a hand with those guys feel free to add me to contact list in game. I have a rank 22 ember (area attack fire damage warframe) and could be rather helpful if you decide not to solo. in game name is Malkiel
Egg_Chen Apr 18, 2013 @ 1:01pm 
Infected need some serious work before this comes out of Beta, no two ways about it.

Running round in circles while a never ending stream of ammo sapping dogs run at you, having your energy drained by fast running bullet sponges, the constant sound of panting dog things in your ears. Clearing out an area only to hear for the 85th time "multiple bio signatures ahead....", you then realise your down to a pistol and a sword, and every one of these things has a stagger attack, and there are 5 in a circle around you. Infected mission get boring and monotonous very fast.

Level 18 BOAR with an Orokin jobby, Fire rounds, crit damage, extra damage, extra clip size and unloading 13 rounds in the face of an Ancient takes approx half their health, really? This is on Earth so not the highest level missions either.
MDaxus Apr 18, 2013 @ 1:04pm 
Potato GORGON + SPEED TRIGGER + SERRATION. Potato DUAL ETHER SWORD and slide and slice : ) Also, get a senteniel it will help a ton!
TezzLaCoil Apr 18, 2013 @ 1:14pm 
Originally posted by ;828936718697441526:
Potato GORGON + SPEED TRIGGER + SERRATION. Potato DUAL ETHER SWORD and slide and slice : ) Also, get a senteniel it will help a ton!

If I had the money for a sentinel. If I had a potato, I'd have used it on a sword by now. Unfortunately, I have neither of these things.

For now, I'm giving up on these missions. There's no point, and my completion record suffers for it. I'm trying to make it into the top 100,000, but this is hurting that. So no more infected missions for me until the next patch, and only if they say they've been balanced.
Partycrasher Apr 18, 2013 @ 1:52pm 
Agree that the Infested can be a pita to solo (esp if the mission requires you to carry something around, leaving you only with your pistol). Using a Loki, I've found decoy to be a lifesaver (literally) however on more than one occasion have had my day ruined by Ancient Disruptors (hate those things). For ranged I've found that burst fire or single shot weapons aren't great against Infested - full auto or shotgun seems to be the thing (was using Strum, Furis and Cronus but have now crafted some dual heat blades).

On the plus side, I've found some soloing some Infested missions to be a massive adrenaline rush (esp when only using pistol/sword) and the feeling when you beat one with only a slither of health left at the end is awesome.

Not sure what you mean by lack of evidence of infection. On most Infested missions I've been on the floors/walls are covered in writhing biomass, the air seems full of spores and the atmosphere is deliciously creepy. I've even been on a Corpus mission where an Infested incursion has started to 'mutate' parts of the ship - really cool touch imo.

That said, my favorite enemies at the moment have to be the Corpus - annoying, noisy, wierd but pretty fun to fight.
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Roler42 Apr 18, 2013 @ 2:36pm 
Here's a basic tip, it worked wonders for me the first few times when i was underleveled:

Look for a crate, or for anything that gives you height, run towards it pressing shift, and then press space so you can run up to it, you're untouchable up there, unless an ancient or a leaper are close enough to reach you, it's perfect to avoid getting swarmed and to pick off the infested one by one

It's a bit time consuming, but very rewarding until you get better stuff
SquarePirate Apr 18, 2013 @ 2:45pm 
yup, climb a box or get ember
Nijuu Apr 18, 2013 @ 5:18pm 
As others have said climb a box. Infested missions are easily the hardest to solo imho - and like one said carrying data is **** at the same time.especially if more than one poison ancient/warrior is lurking around. Run and gun. Dont get cornered - having fire on melee weapon is handy for mobs but still getting crowded is almost guaranteed way to die.
matt_t86 Apr 18, 2013 @ 6:45pm 
Ether swords, Never have to be reloaded. If your wacking a dog more then twice your mods need some work.
Suzaku Apr 18, 2013 @ 8:37pm 
I recommend Dual Heat Swords. The jump smash burns all enemies nearby, which decimates groups of infested, and the heavy melee shreds ancients (just stay away from Toxic ancients though, melee against them still hurts). Stick a frost mod on the swords if you have one and teach those infested the meaning of freezer-burn! For ranged killing, I like the Boltor. Put a couple dozen railroad spikes in a Toxic's face and drop 'em.
S3raph Apr 18, 2013 @ 11:17pm 
The easiest way i have found is the dual ether with a fire mod. Does triple damage to infested, can hit multiple targets and it staggers enemies stopping them from attacking. This means you can kill ancient disruptors very easily as they cannot attack as long as you hit them. Toxic ancients are my only real problem but that's where I usually use my abilities to keep my distance
Demochalord Apr 19, 2013 @ 12:25am 
Don't like leveling solo against infected unless i have an edge with something.

Considering i have a Volt 30, then i can pull out a AoE o'doom if i get surrounded by too many. When i did them using my excalibur it tended to be a case of rifle and pistol with melee and specials when it got desperate.
A sentinel helps, though i tend to use em as a warning to myself if they get behind me, since they don't do much damage.
Dual melee is handy since they are reasonably fast and you can hit many at a time.
I'm currently leveling the bradon mk1(?) cause i had bought the burston fairly early on. The bradon especially once you mod it can handle most of the infected i have encountered so far with ease, and it doesn't hurt that its got a good sized mag.
Up until recently i was using a Lato, which wasn't particularly good but now i have those new dual auto pistols. Chews through the ammo quickly but kills quickly.

From what i've noticed the Elemental mods are really good against em especially the Ancients (Toxic, healers, disruptors). Frost mod especially as it slows their attacks to a crawl.

Try to avoid getting caught in a open area, try to make them come at you from one direction, though they will often send reinforcements from behind. If you have to run back to a corridor or ventilation shaft then good. Also learn to recognise the guys who explode up close (if you hit with a frost first then they don't seem to explode), and the other ones who do the short range burst charge. And as already mentioned if you can get up on a bunch of boxes it will slow them down a bit. Also don't recommend meleeing a toxic ancient, its easy to do but can be quite painful.
Snake? Apr 19, 2013 @ 12:42am 
get a 2h melee weapon and do a jump attack to knock down those ancients. You can spray away at it while it gets up. If it doesn't die, just repeat with the knock down attack.
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