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rebulast  [developer] Mar 28, 2013 @ 7:16am
Warframe FAQ

THIS FAQ has been written by DESteve, Warframe Creative Director. Original Content

Is there PvP in Warframe? (When will there be PvP? Your game is dead without PvP! I have an idea for PvP mode!)
There is no PvP mode in Warframe yet. Face-palm? Sure, but when we started building this game a year ago, we saw plenty of PvP and less PvE. Right we want to focus and do one thing well: PvE. That said we are investing in better leaderboards, clans goals, and other more 'meta' forms of competition right now.

Why is there only one art-set? (You need more content! More enemies! Why aren't there more weapons? I want more!)
Warframe is a self-funded game by an independent studio. The Warframe team size is comparatively small for us. Thanks to the support of our Founders we are ramping up quickly. You are seeing only the tip of the iceberg we have planned. New weapons are going in every week or two. Expect a new location before February. More enemies and Warframes are being made as I type this!

Why aren’t you copying [TF2/LoL/Popular F2P] for your cash shop? (You should only charge for cosmetics! You should only sell skins!)
We don't agree that copying is a sure-fire way to success. A local bookshop can't copy Amazon. The research we've done shows that the vast majority of players who can support the game are after value and convenience more than costume changes. While we are intending to expand our customization options it is important to keep in mind that all Platinum-only items can be crafted in the Foundry through blueprints. Those blueprints can be obtained in a number of ways without paying: in the Market, looted from bosses, rewards from Alert missions or won through daily sign-in rewards.

How can you call this beta if the cash-shop is live? (Why isn't everything unlocked? How can I test everything? I want to help, you should give maximum Platinum.)
Many F2P betas have proper functioning cash shops and Warframe is no exception. Beta for us is as much about testing the game as it is about testing the Market and the experiences of both paying and free players. With this feedback we can respond to very serious issues quickly; for example we recently dropped the Platinum-only Pro system in favor of super-charging with a Foundry alternative.

Is there an account reset planned after Beta? (Is that 'fair'? What about leaderboards?)
No. We initially intended to reset often but the vast majority of players do not want to lose their progress despite the bumps and bruises of beta. We do reserve the right to reset if something forces us to. However, if your account is reset you will get all your Platinum back. There will be a one-time optional reset after beta for people that want to sacrifice their progress to re-spec everything. Leaderboards will be reset (and likely running on weekly, monthly cycles anyway).

What happens to my Platinum in the unlikely event of a reset?
You will get all your purchased Platinum credited back to your account.

When is the Founders program ending?
Not for a while. I will update this when I know more, and we certainly won't be stopping it abruptly. You'll have plenty of warning.
Updated February 22: The founders program is ending March 16! More info here https://forums.warfr...ing-march-16th/
Updated March 27: It has again been extended until a later date!

Warframe is Pay-to-win! (I can't get X without cash? Build times suck! Why do I have to buy slots?)
We are trying our best to be fair and still keep the game alive! With the exception of the Founder's Prime gear and colors, everything can be obtained through Blueprints. If you're constrained by slots you can sell gear for credits to make room for new weapons and Warframes. If you have a small amount of Platinum you can 'rush' your Foundry builds or you can wait. We place no limits on the amount of Foundry builds in progress and players can Rank up quickly and get the Blueprints they need very fast.

Something is broken! I need help! (I am crashing! Update is failing! Argh!)
Sorry about that! http://support.warframe.com is your best bet. Sometimes a forum post can slip through the cracks. PM'ing me is going to be super unreliable compared to our support ticket system!

Help! My contacts aren't showing up! (I hate you guys! How can this be coop when it's so messed up?)
We are still working on these systems making sure they scale up to demand and handle the myriad of router, firewall, anti-virus and internet security programs people have. Contact support (http://support.warframe.com) and we'll trouble-shoot your problem and get you into the game!
Warframe uses these network resources:
UDP 3960, UDP 3962. If you forward manually be sure to turn UPnP OFF in settings.
TCP 80 (HTTP), TCP 443 (HTTPS). This does not need to be forwarded on router (just permitted by outgoing firewall rules).

Warframe/Gun X is over(or under)-powered! (Why did you nerf? Why did you boost?)
We are rolling out balance changes very quickly. We love the feedback (good and bad) and take it very seriously. Our goal is to avoid having a single dominant weapon, build, mod configuration...

Will there be more information on the Lore of the game? (What are Infested? How many Daggers are there?)
Yes, a codex system is in the works as I type this. We are planning on seeding lore fragments through the Solar Chart you can collect and learn about Warframe's history, items, enemies and possible future. Our goal is a slot-style system for this so that new players can understand how much there is to collect in the game as well.

X is too rare in the game! (Not enough reward alerts! Drop XYZ is just too hard to get!)
We are continually looking at the stats and tuning the drop/rarity tables to give players the best experience. As you can imagine for some things we are offering for sale, we need to be tread carefully between frustrating free players and ruining the value of purchases made by players that can support us.

How do revives work? (I die before coop revive happens, unfair!)
Each Warframe has 4 revives. Every day, each Warframe you own refills automatically, for free. You can use this revive to cheat death in any solo or coop mission. If you are downed in coop, you go into a downed state. This gives other players a 25 second window to save you, without using a revive. Keep this in mind: the enemies will ignore you when you're downed but if you attack them from this state, they will reengage with you... if they damage you in this state your 25 second timer will erode faster. Make sure it is worth the risk. Did you run out of revives? You can refill your revives for a small amount of Platinum in the Arsenal screen, switch to a different Warframe, risk it and stay close to your buddies or wait for the daily refill.

Your prices are too high for my country!
We're very receptive to this feedback though currently there are no plans for per-region pricing. That said, we are working on a chance for top tier sign-in rewards to give a 1-day big discount regardless of region. Not sure when this is going to be finished just yet but I will update when I find out.

What is the Warframe update schedule? (What's coming next? Is there a scheduled day for updates?)
During Open Beta there is no fixed schedule for updates. Going by the last month, you should expect one or more minor updates every week focused on fixes and balance changes. We're on track to have new content added (a few new weapons, a new features, extensions of art sets) every 2-4 weeks. We appreciate your patience with us as this frantic pace does have its draw backs when balance problems creep in without thorough interal testings. The upside is that we can fix them fast, and respond to feedback quickly. As things settle into a more sane rhythm, I will get some articles written about what our mid-term future plans are.

What about a Cover system? What about Stealth? (I'm a ninja, there should be stealth!)
We love cover systems but for Warframe we felt it sacrificed mobility and simplicity too much. Our coming updates continue down this path even more so, emphasizing the agility and speed aspects of the ninja. We hope to convince you this is a better path for Warframe and that slow and tactical, although great on its own, just doesn't fit well with Warframe. As far as stealth goes: we're with you. We have started on this path with Warframe powers (like Ash and Loki), critical bonuses for charged melee attacks on unaware enemies and perception changes when crouching. We are exploring some very cool stuff for stealth that I will talk about once it is in better shape.
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love_palm1 Mar 28, 2013 @ 9:29pm 
SabreXT Mar 29, 2013 @ 8:24am 
2 things.

1- I don't see why people are complaining about no PvP. There are tons of competitive shooting games out there. Free and paid. Most are dead because people aren't playing, but there are many that are alive and more on the way. Warframe is one of the few PvE focused F2P games that isn't a half arsed WoW knock off, but that is apparently to much?

Even though Warframe is a pure co-op game, there is still issues with competition. People rushing through the maps at warp 10 so no one else gets to do anything other than open containers being one example. I think a PvP mode would make that problem worse, not better.

2- Is this. "Your prices are too high for my country!", I can't speak for specific regions (in the UK here) but when 1 or 2 items cost the same as or more than an entire paid for game, someone has messed up somewhere.

This is a large part of why many gamers don't take F2P seriously. We're not saying "Oh, I paided the same price as Call of Duty, unlock everything for me forever!", but if someone is paying full game price, it's reasonable to expect a similar amount of content, or the means to unlock that content at a reasonable pace. It could be argued that the cost also covers the free stuff as well, but then why pay for anything in the game?
luneaux Mar 29, 2013 @ 11:48am 
The hypothetical comments in the brackets are hilarious! Thanks for clearing up some questions.
Scar Mar 30, 2013 @ 8:04pm 
Who the hell would want PVP in this game... - 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, for me.
E.D. Mar 31, 2013 @ 7:51am 
Wanna PVP - go play ANOTHER GAME, dont need to break this one for just your wish. We came for coop and we got it, we are happ, so, if you arent - just go away and play other game. Thats it.
Trigger Mar 31, 2013 @ 9:54am 
Is this game playable with a gamepad controller
3plex Mar 31, 2013 @ 12:21pm 
помогите, у меня в игру не заходит, хотя только 2 часа назад играл и всё нормально было
I agree no PvP is fine there are to many PvP style games out there. If made able to PvP you will just get complaints about the CoOp style of play availiable from those players... Me ill go play COD or Battlefield for my PvP this makes it so I can get my CoOp out of my system.
Definetly looking forward to more lore. It's always kind of bugged me that I couldn't learn more about what the Technophage is, the goals of the Grineer and the Corpus, what, exactly, the Tenno are, and most of all, The Stalker. (Especially curious about The Stalker.) I'm really looking forward to seeing where this game goes in the future, so keep up the good work.
Folklore Apr 2, 2013 @ 11:11pm 
I just played it today. And this game is quite fun to play. I would also like give you the biggest thanks i can give for not having pvp or pvp focus.
KingTaro Apr 3, 2013 @ 12:24am 
Hey guys, if you know the importance of the Alerts, you might want to check out the Warframe Alerts Application.
It will notify you with a sound whenever a new alert shows up. Also avaible for some mobile platforms (Android and Blackberry atm)
Cruxsin Apr 3, 2013 @ 9:00am 
the only thing that i dont love about warframe are the rolling homing grenades that latch onto you and it seems that whenever i try to go into cover to regain my shields the AI just spam them to not only attempt to get me to run out of cover to run away from them but they take down my shields way too fast.
Naruto Uzumaki Apr 3, 2013 @ 1:24pm 
roll it will get rid of them and u can send them back if u roll in there direction
brownie689 Apr 3, 2013 @ 7:19pm 
EXACTLY. If you want PVP go play the original master of PVP. Here's a hint, it's called Mortal Kombat ;)
Lenrap Apr 4, 2013 @ 5:13pm 
I sold my abilities, how do I get them back?
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