War for the Overworld

War for the Overworld

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Discover and conquer new realms!
Looking for new realms to subjugate? Peruse the cavernous depths of the Workshop to find the next map upon which to sate your bloodlust or create your own and share via the in-game editor!
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Share with the wider community on the Foundry
Introducing the Foundry

At Brightrock we consider community content to be one of the greatest things in PC gaming, and something we can’t get enough of. We want to bring this experience to our GOG.com players as well, and that brings us to the Foundry[forum.brightrockgames.com].


Whilst Steam has the Steam Workshop on which WFTO has thousands of custom creations, we knew that there was no place where non-Steam players could share and download maps and translations from. This is what we’re looking to solve with the Foundry.

We’ve set up this special page on our website as a repository for players to share, download and discuss their creations. We’ve already filled it up with some of the most important and popular maps and translations from our Steam community, to help you get your hands on the best content developed so far.

Now we’d like to invite you, our players, to help populate the Foundry with awesome content, and we look forward to helping you develop even better community content in the future! If you’d like to find out how to use the Foundry, then click through to this knowledgebase article.[brightrockgames.userecho.com]

As we move forward towards the last updates of WFTO, we’re keen to see what our community comes up with in terms of content, and we’re very interested to hear what improvements you’d like to see to the content creation tools. We’re also looking to resurrect our community spotlight, to reward the very best content in the community with small gifts and news spotlights, as our way of thanking the dedication and commitment of creators. We hope this new initiative will inspire everyone to get involved!


– Brightrock Games Team

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Community Spotlight: January Workshop Highlights
Community Map Spotlight

We’ve put ourselves through our paces on this one, Underlord! Combing through the huge number of new maps, we’ve selected just a few of our favourites to shine the spotlight on!

This month we’re even changing the rules and granting all highlighted makers the coveted “Golden Worker Skin”! (Don’t worry last month’s winners, you’ll get one too!) We'll be sending the rewards out in the next few days!

All maps are presented in no particular order:

Ribbons by Deteno
4p Skirmish

A deceptively simple map but one with plenty of depth. Deteno has worked wonders to create this level which features winding ribbons of water and gold, plenty of shrines to contest, and an Empire fortress to overrun!

Lakefront by MastaX
4p Skirmish

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of unusual levels that require thinking outside the box. In Lakefront, all four players have a moderately sized pre-shaped dungeon at the edge of a large open lake of water.

With only a small but easily defendable space available to you on your edge, be prepared to push forward and face your rivals at regular intervals for control over the space and shrines in the center of the map.

Through the Back Door by roysten712
1 Player vs Empire

This stunning level is a huge slog against multiple Empire fortresses. Be prepared to utilise every trick in your arsenal to overcome the enemy. This map absolutely rewards exploration, with many back doors, secrets and more to discover! The Prophecy spell will certainly be your friend here!

Motley Moat by Xander / xMadKill40
4p Skirmish

This huge 4-player skirmish level will see you scrambling to control the crossings into your map quarter. A huge chasm creates a natural divide between each Underlord, acting both as a defence and a centre for conflict.

Deepmist by BlueDragon463
2p Skirmish

While the 4-player maps have certainly garnered the attention this month, there is a 2-player map which has stood out in our minds. Deepmist is a demonstration of how adding Empire units to an otherwise normal level can help add depth and challenge.

Throughout the map you’ll discover ghouls, which serve to slow your progress and protect important areas. Be careful when exploring, lest you be overwhelmed by a clattering horde!

The Rift by Vetraeus
4p Skirmish

We hope that you brought your compass, Underlord - you’re certainly going to need it to navigate the chasms. This huge level is filled with tunnels, shrines and objectives to fight over. But beware as there are some very powerful hostile units within the Rift. Explore too quickly and you’ll find nothing but death!

Wading through 649 maps is a challenging task! There are a lot of fantastic designs out there that unfortunately won’t see a mention this week. But rest assured we’re always looking for more!

If you have a favourite map that you think deserves a spotlight then mention it in the comments! Who knows, perhaps you’ll see it in next month's spotlight!

WFTO Multiplayer Group

Are you looking for others to play WFTO with? Want advice on how to open your ports so you can host multiplayer matches? Then you’ll want to check out the official WFTO Multiplayer Group on Steam!

If you’re ever looking for people to play with, it’s members of this group that are most likely to be up for a game. Moreover, the group leader, Bohser Onkel, is a dedicated member of the WFTO QA Team, and dedicated WFTO multiplayer participant. He’s got plenty of advice for you, and the thread he’s set up will help match you with similarly-skilled opponents - provided you rank yourself appropriately.

Check out the Multiplayer Group and sign up to find a match!

Until next time Underlord,

– WFTO Team

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