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The Grimoire of Minions
by Fireeye
Even a novice Underlord should have a rough idea of what his various minions can and can't, and what must be done to attract them into a dungeon. To this end, this guide offers a short overview over each type of minion that can be found in War for the Ove...
50 Shades Achievement
by 【n00b】ᙖuм℘ℱoЯ
A short Video how to get the "50 Shades Achievment" Reputation also going out to "Vlad" who helped me a lot to do this....
Room size
by [NHQ] Oneilos
That guide is the result of many hours of tests in the sand box. It's about the effect of size and design of room on minions. It seem that the only one factor is the number of prop....