Bla gjennom og vurder guider skapt av andre spillere for dette spillet. Eller lag din egen og del tips med samfunnet.
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Doom II: Hell on Earth - Complete Walkthrough (Ultra-Violence, 100% Kills, 100% Secrets)
av Zdenda1990
Complete walkthrough of Doom II: Hell on Earth for the PC on the Ultra-Violence difficulty. Played through GLBoom+, getting 100% Kills and 100% Secrets. Lost Souls don't count as Kill, therefore you don't need to kill them to get 100% Kills, unless you us...
How To Brutal Doom! - Setup with GZDoom
av (AU) Axton
How and Where to Download, Install and Setup Brutal Doom for GZDoom...
DOOM 2: Hell on Earth - Codes & Secrets
av Jr786 Neil Watts/Eva Rosalene
This Guide contains Codes & Secrets for DOOM 2....
DOOM II Setup for Modern Systems
av Increasing
DOOM II was originally a DOS game, and while the Steam version uses DOSBox, it does not work so well for newcomers. This guide will help you setup your game to modern systems, using the ZDoom source port...
Steam Overlay for Doom II
av Tarvis
Get Overlay, Screenshots, and even Broadcasting working through Doom II. Not through Ultimate Doom or a non-steam game like the other guides. Doom 2's very own Steam entry! Will work for any source port....
av Patrick
Copyright © 2002 Jogorama...
Doomsday Engine - The ultimate modern Doom experience
av Ibitato
Play Doom / Doom II / HacX / Heretic / Hexen / Check Quest games with a modern touch. Doomsday engine enhances video, audio, graphical user interface and many many other things that make your game experience much better without loosing the classy gampep...
av Hyperion
If you want to play DOOM with mods and new levels, or play completely other games like Heretic, Hexen, Blood etc, there is some things which you need to do. Its very simple. 1) Download sourceport (I use zdoom, but you can...
all easter eggs DOOM and DOOM 2
av AnthoChainSaw
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