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Guide to REB's wads
di Boralzino
A guide to explain one of the most infamous Doom modders' wads, also known as "Harris' Pack". These .wads were created by Eric Harris and tested by his friend Dylan Klebold, who were responsible for the Columbine Massacre in 1999. These levels gained ...
Beginners Guide to Doom II [Mods, Source Ports and more]
di ==PD2== GeorgeC
This guide will cover the following subjects - How to mod Doom [all games except Master Levels] - How to use Source Ports - Tool Assisted Speedruns - Compatibility - Tips - Mini-Review - Recommended mods and source ports ...
Beginner's Guide for DooM 2 Multiplayer
di Ch0wW
Here is a complete guide of what ports are used in order to play DooM online, using Zdaemon, Zandronum, and Odamex, and how to install them....
Multiplayer and Brutal Doom
di Sergeant Doge
Got Doom 2 for $5 and have no fucking idea what do with it once you beat Level 30 and you're a noob at modding. Well this is the guide to tell you all the things next if you want a better gameplay experience, more levels, and most important the multiplaye...
How to lunch doom 2 on Win 8
di ●•°☆$@Ť@☈ÑęⱠⱠ☆°•●
A small guide for those who have problems with running the game doom 2 on the operating system Windows 8...
Real Boss of Doom 2 (easter egg)
di ●•°☆$@Ť@☈ÑęⱠⱠ☆°•●
Do you know who is the true boss of DOOM? Who is hiding behind the wall of "horned goat"? In this short video you will learn the answer)...
Загрузка скриншотов/Upload screenshots
di noirhat
В этом руководстве описывается способ загрузки скриншотов в сообщество стима. This guide explains how to upload screenshots in Steam community....
Original Doom II: Hell On Earth Fix Pack
di Those Damn Pancakes™
This pack is for people who don't want to use another client but would rather still have the DOS nostalgia and not have a terrible time with it. This pack contains a collection of tweaks and fixes to make the game run better compared to the Steam Release,...
Master Levels for ZDoom Addon
di Owlet VII
This mod allows you to play the Master Levels in ZDoom as three additional episodes for Doom II. It doesn't include the Master Levels themselves - they are a commercial product and must be purchased....
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