LucasGodzilla 2012年8月30日下午4:21
New Doom 2 Based mod using Risen 3D.
It's something i'm making. I'll upload videos of it over time
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spyro1132 2012年8月31日下午3:44 
Sounds awesome, Good luck.
LucasGodzilla 2012年8月31日下午4:14 
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Sounds awesome, Good luck.

The mod i'm making is called Risen, it gives Risen 3D we could say a story and not just a 3D port of Doom 1 - Final
LucasGodzilla 2012年9月1日下午7:24 
Change of plans, i'm gonna make Doom how it should have now, it'll now use Zdoom not Risen 3D. Sorry if it's any incovenience
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spyro1132 2012年9月2日上午3:07 
Not at all, like I said before good luck with it.
[Doom * Suleiman Hallisey] 2012年10月7日下午3:52 
But there's Doom3 already with me...
LucasGodzilla 2012年10月7日下午4:31 
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But there's Doom3 already with me...
It's just a doom 2 mod with doom 3 styled graphics
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