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TheMilkMan 2012年12月31日 19時59分
How to take a screenshot?
How are you guys taking steam screenshots in game? i push to key i have bound (keypad +) and it doesnt seem to work. Any trick to take screenshots on this older game?
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Scoops 2013年2月2日 8時32分 
press F12
Squishpoke 2013年2月3日 1時33分 
You need to use a source port and run that through steam to use Steam's screenshots.

Currently, DOSbox runs the Doom game in a virtual environment in which the Steam overlay does not funcion.
Alaan :D 2013年2月19日 11時08分 
To take a Screenshot with DOSBox press CTRL + F5
TheMilkMan 2013年2月19日 11時47分 
Thanks man!
The_Person 2013年7月17日 6時38分 
CTRL + F5 doesn't work. I'm using GZDoom with Brutal Doom. I have changed the name of GZDoom to dosbox to trick Steam into opening with GZDoom, and I have edited the .INI of GZDoom to autoload Brutal Doom upon GZDoom's startup. This should work -- especially considering this exact same set-up does in fact work for taking screenshots in Doom 1, with F12. So, in theory everything should work fine here as well, so what is wrong?
=T$E= Temk1s 2013年7月21日 20時39分 
Press f12, and screen will save in steam.
The_Person 2013年7月21日 23時15分 
Uh, no, F12 doesn't work, which is why I posted here in the first place. You'd know that if you had tried it yourself -.-

Crtl + F5 was suggested as an alternative three posts up, and that does not work either, hence my initial post stating "CTRL + F5 doesn't work."

I have mapped the screenshot shortcut key to numerous other keys on my keyboard, and none of them work. In fact, it's not just the screenshots that don't work, the entire Steam overlay does not work with Doom 2.

So... does *anyone* actually know how to fix this? It must be possible.
Dylan Klebold's Ghost 6月22日 20時15分 
gah any help yet?
The_Person 6月22日 22時23分 
Wow I didn't realize how rude I sounded in that post from a year ago, lol. All tone is lost in text-format I guess! And I was probably pretty annoyed, buuut yeah. heh. Anyway, yeah, no such luck yet, even to this day :/ I have an idea though, so I'll look into it again soon :)
Dylan Klebold's Ghost 6月24日 9時34分 
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