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Java #spookeh 2012年12月29日 13時09分
Wont run in Windows 8
Hi, I recently bought the Doom Bundle that had Doom 2, Ultimate Doom, Final Doom, and Master Levels for Doom 2 and none of them work on Windows 8. Can someone help me please?
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satantango 2012年12月29日 15時17分 
I have the same issue on 64bit win8. Dosbox seems to run okay but the game refuses to load further than the title screen.
Java #spookeh 2012年12月29日 15時26分 
Thats the exact problem I'm having.
Java #spookeh 2012年12月29日 19時18分 
The thing with that is I spent 8.00 on the steam one..I was hoping I could get my moneys worth. :/
You have your money's worth because now you can play DOOM source ports! That is where the fun is at!

I also have a steam group
Cogajon 2013年1月4日 23時18分 
I'm having the same problem... Well, I also have Windows XP so I'll get it to work on that when I get the chance... But on my Wndows 8 it doesn't work
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ExCeeD™ 2013年1月5日 20時10分 
I had the same problem as well, I just got zDoom and renamed the zdoom.exe to dosbox.exe.
agent00kevin™ 2013年1月5日 21時33分 
Run it in compatibility mode for Windows 95

Then you have to edit both the doom2.cfg and Doom2m.cfg files to change this:


Then look down a little further and change this:


Now find Dosbox.cfg and change waitonerror to false as well.

BOTH files have these settings and BOTH files must be changed AND be the same.

If those dont work do this too:


in both doom2.cfg and doom2m.cfg.

Now when the game starts, to use fullscreen just hit Alt+Enter.

This is only for Doom II. I have not yet messed around with any other flavors of Doom on W8.


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Java #spookeh 2013年1月6日 8時56分 
agent00kevin™ 2013年1月6日 9時50分 
Ænema javadan の投稿を引用:

Your welcome :) I spent about an hour last night fiddling with it for my kids, then figured surely someone else has the problem so I came to the Steam Discussions...and there it was!
Java #spookeh 2013年1月6日 12時00分 
Well, when I saw these games for sale, I just had to have it.
agent00kevin™ 2013年1月6日 15時28分 
Ænema javadan の投稿を引用:
Well, when I saw these games for sale, I just had to have it.

Yes :) I bought my own copies too! Nice that Steam has classics like these available.
Jay Dry 2013年1月12日 14時55分

Grab the trio of online doom ports linked here. They're awesome.
edragy 2013年1月14日 17時16分 
Get the doomsday engine source port from, use that
Squishy Babbler 2013年2月10日 1時26分 
To Agent00Kevin (or anyone else who knows), where do youfind the files that need to be edited?
Djcs124 2013年2月12日 13時46分 
how do you run it in compatibility mode and then find the files?
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