someoneelse 17. dub. 2013 v 11.08 odp.
Why the hell isn't Doom avaliable on Linux?
DOSBox is avaliable for Linux. Source ports are avaliable for Linux. Where can I rage about this? Anyone knows if any DOSBox games are already on Steam for Linux?
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jeffpiatt 6. kvě. 2013 v 8.48 odp. 
it is the source code pack that ID open sourced was the Linux Doom code base because the windows and mac ports used an closed source sound library. Steam does not have the rights to sell linux doom right now id does the dosbox packaging.
madhi19 18. čvc. v 1.45 odp. 
Actually there loads of Dosbox, Scummvm and Wine Wrappers game on Steam for Linux. Some of them seriously suck so be careful what you wish for. But really all I want is a legit way of getting the WAD's for something like ZDOOM. In fact they should totally sell the classic doom wrapped around one of the source port.
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