captainemeralds 2014年4月19日上午4:25
something I notice about brutal doom,
When I watch videos on youtube of brutal doom, I see that they have better graphics. I look in the options for brutal doom yet there is no option to turn the graphic quality up. So does any one know what im supposed to do? Is it something to do with the mutators? When ever I get the brutal doom mutators and put them in the skins folder I get an error. So does anybody know how to fix these "problems"?
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[RGU] JaCe!!! 2014年4月19日上午7:24 
What source port do you use?
captainemeralds 2014年4月19日上午8:03 
zandronum. Why?
[RGU] JaCe!!! 2014年4月19日上午9:15 
Do you use opengl with that source port? If you don't then that's probbably why.
captainemeralds 2014年4月19日上午10:18 
uhh, whats opengl?
[RGU] JaCe!!! 2014年4月19日上午10:29 
I think it's some 3D render thing, without that Brutal Doom would not have 3D and would be using what the original Doom had. Launch Zan and instead of picking "Software (Doom)" use "Hardware (OpenGL)"
captainemeralds 2014年4月19日上午10:38 
how do I do that (sorry, i'm a noob at this. Yet still knows more about computers than the rest of my family)
[RGU] JaCe!!! 2014年4月19日上午11:02 
When you double click zandronum there should be a window called "Welcome". There will be the options I stated on my last comment. Also if you already pressed "Don't ask me this again" then I guess you need to reinstall it.
[ST]-Disruptor86 2014年4月19日上午11:27 
I think you should be able to hold shift and click the program if that's the case. No need to reinstall.
captainemeralds 2014年4月19日下午12:01 
ok, I tryed holding shift and opening zandronum, didnt work. I tryed reinstalling zandronum (almost lost all my save files), didn't work. |: I. so what am I supposed to do now?
最后由 captainemeralds 编辑于; 2014年4月19日下午12:01
[RGU] JaCe!!! 2014年4月19日下午12:04 
So when you launch Zan you don't get the launcher? Weird...
captainemeralds 2014年4月19日下午1:11 
I get a launcher, just not options. But I just went into doom 2 and I saw in the display options it said opengl options. The only thing in 3d is the fireballs from imps and gaurdians.
最后由 captainemeralds 编辑于; 2014年4月19日下午1:16
captainemeralds 2014年4月19日下午4:45 
if it helps, here are my pc specs,
windows 8.1
64 bit
processer: AMD A8-4800M APU with Radeon HD graphics 1.9gh
Rent a mop 2014年4月26日下午2:42 
Options, video, render device = opengl instead of software.

Might ALSO need to update your drivers.
That Sheep 2014年4月26日下午3:02 
Stop all this worrying about "graphics" (whatever those are)... Or download GMDoom. It's Doom but in Garry's Mod. Yes. I know.
captainemeralds 2014年4月26日下午3:19 
引用自 Pascall Pandacoon
Stop all this worrying about "graphics" (whatever those are)... Or download GMDoom. It's Doom but in Garry's Mod. Yes. I know. :wololo:
I already have that.
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