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A screwdriver 2014年4月19日 3時42分
Should I buy Doom Classic Complete or Quake 2?
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Rent a mop 2014年4月19日 4時34分 
Tough call, but considering the ease of modding, and brutal doom specifically, I would say doom 2.
Deadhead 2014年5月1日 8時05分 
Doom was a better franchise than Quake, at least I think so.
Summer MonsteR 2014年12月8日 18時52分 
there is no OR. get them both :)
baddude1337 2014年12月9日 4時55分 
Doom Complete for the sheer amount of mods and levels available for it. You can make it any kind of game you want. Modern Shooter, Retro Shooter, crazy shooter wheren you play as a dragon with guns, pretty much anything. I have around 4000 levels for both Dooms, a couple hundred for Heretic and Hexen and around 20 gameplay mods, all of which I recommend. Google any of this (Just my Doom 2 levels, gameplay mods work for both dooms and sometimes Hereteic/Hexen also) and you will find them:
Crd 2014年12月16日 5時06分 
I would also recommend Doom 1+2 followed very closely by Quake 1. Both are timeless classics with a ton of great custom content.

If you get Q1 don't forget to check out: , this is the place to go for amazing Q1 SP maps. New maps are still being released on a very regular basis :)

Some of the best custom Doom maps:
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*NCS*KiRA-[EST] 2014年12月17日 12時06分 
Doom Classic Complete. Since the Quake2 in steam doesent include the original soundtrack.
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