DOOM II: Hell on Earth
Gigaraptor 12 кві 2014 о 3:34
New Server 24/7
Hello, and I wanted to let you all know about my new 24/7 deathmatch server for vanilla doom 2. It takes 8 players and has no enemies save the bots, and it also requires Zandronum.

For an IP and name go here : click

Thanks for reading
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TabrisDarkPeace 12 кві 2014 о 4:00 
Is Zandronum trustworthy now?
Gigaraptor 12 кві 2014 о 4:55 
yeah It is fine,used it for months, may also work with skulltag but idk
TabrisDarkPeace 12 кві 2014 о 4:57 
Skulltag used to have a backdoor trojan in it, permitting the 'developers' to do things on your PC. Then they just changed the name to Zandronum to help people 'forget',

The never released the Source Code for it either,... even though it is 'Open Source' under Carmack's id software licence. Kinda sus, eh?
Автор останньої редакції: TabrisDarkPeace; 12 кві 2014 о 4:57
Gigaraptor 12 кві 2014 о 5:10 
don't know but it seems fine, not like there was anything interesting on the server though. May have to disassemble the exe and see if that is true.
Автор останньої редакції: Gigaraptor; 12 кві 2014 о 5:12
Gigaraptor 12 кві 2014 о 7:28 
they have released the source code.
Touch My Dwango 12 кві 2014 о 11:00 
Skulltag never had a back door in it. That was a false positive.

Zandronum is the continuation of Skulltag after the development team left Skulltag. Carnevil (The creator of Skulltag that left the team to create a new game, but still controlled the site and copyrights) limited the freedom they wanted with the port so they left and created a new product out of Skulltag's souce code.

Also for true oldschool gameplay try out Odamex. I also host a Doom 2 vanilla deathmatch server, but for Odamex instead.
TabrisDarkPeace 12 кві 2014 о 17:57 
I know it had a backdoor in it to permit the Skulltag 'developers' to become cheaters on any server as I used to host one and they used god mode on it. They also never released the source code.

It may also contain security backdoors permitting remote code execution on any 'server' (which may be an unsuspecting end users PC being used as a server).

The 'false positive' of which you speak was a later version, where they ***still*** didn't release the source code, bu yes it did raise a 'false' positive with some virus scanners but that's not what I'm talking about (above).

I've never fully trusted Skulltag or Zandronum since, as they ***still*** have not released their 'open source licenced' source code to the open community.

No-one should be using it, based on a trust system, as it contains unknown and undisclosed code.

Every other Doom Source Port has released their source code to the community, for community improvement to their projects.
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Touch My Dwango 16 кві 2014 о 19:49 
Uh I think you are mistaken. Skulltag's source code was released to the public back in 2012, and zandronum has always been open source since it branched off from Skulltag. The source code for zanzan is on their downloads page.
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