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Gutsman 2014年2月18日 1時20分
Brutal DOOM II weapon glltch
I'm using the simple weapons mutator and when I pick up the chaingun I can use it, but if I swtich it's gone for good, picking up another doesn't replace it. Any idea on how to fix it?


Notice how arms #4 isn't highlighted
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Rent a mop 2014年2月18日 8時33分 
Sounds like it has to do with the mutator.
Fon Master Ion 2014年2月23日 19時11分 
It's a Mutator problem.

Just like when I tried to use the "no reload" mutation, it will forget (randomly) that I have the SSG (Super Shotgun/Double Barrel Showgun).
It also started to forget i had other guns to as i got more.

I'm guess as the newer releases of Brutal Doom come out, bugs/compatibility issues happens with the mutations.
They "say" the mutations are fully compatiable, but aren't.

Filesizes are the exact same (from previous version mutations), and some can cause some bugs with the weapons.

Hopefully when Brutal Doom v20 is out in March, they will release more stable/better mutations also.
最近の変更はFon Master Ionが行いました; 2014年2月23日 19時12分
Gutsman 2014年2月23日 23時35分 
Can only hope, dumping the mutator for now I guess
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DOOM II: Hell on Earth > 総合掲示板 > トピックの詳細
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