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ImNemohh 16 feb, ore 23:41
How to fix Blood going through bodys on Brutal Doom?
Hey guys, I Got Doom II, Got ZDL And GZdoom then downloaded Brutal Doom! Ive got it for Zandronum ( if im lazy and just want to launch from steam ) and GZdoom, but on GZdoom the blood goes through sprites :/ Please Help!

- Perk
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[SAND] Robby 17 feb, ore 15:00 
The solution is supposed to be to set Smooth Sprite Edges to ON and Sprite Clipping to ALWAYS.

Unfortunately I still see the blood through bodies too. Sucks because GZdoom is the better engine in my opinion. I've asked on the modDB page, if they don't answer I'll try Doomworld.
Dr. Plague 17 feb, ore 19:39 
Get Zandronum its better and the best
Glaice 18 feb, ore 10:18 
Zandronum caused me to crash during saves after long periods of play (1 hour or longer) and corrupts said save. Infuriating if doing longer levels.
[SAND] Robby 18 feb, ore 12:00 
Runs like ♥♥♥♥ too, mouse feels crap in Zandronum also.
ImNemohh 19 feb, ore 5:06 
Thanks guys, anyone know a good BD Mod that has tactical knives?
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